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Querying my hypothyroidism

I have been posting on this site for the past week and have received many excellent replies with great advise, I have made an appt. to see my G.P. and I am going with all info. I have received but I just wanted to ask one more question. When I was first diagnoised in Feb. 2011 my TSH was 8.9 T4 10 I had just got over a really bad bout of Flu at Christmas which I think may have been swine flu but was never really told it was. ( I mention this as I have now since read a virus can make you temporary hypo.) I was put on 50mcg then had a retest 12th May TSH 2.2 T4 13 Tested Dec.2011 TSH 4.0 T4 15 feeling no better so retested March 2012 TSH 4.1 T4 13 Retested Sept 2012 TSH 3.4 T4 12 (I then said to my G.P. to feel better I had read TSH should be under 2 so he agreed to put me up to 75mcg daily. Nov. 2012 TSH 1.5 T4 13 felt a little better then. Recently tested April 2013 as feeling a lot worse TSH 4.3 T4 not taken. Other test taken Liver Kidney function iron all O.K.

Vit D 22 B12 377 now taking Vit D 1000i.u. daily which from messages I have received on this site is not enough hence going back to G.P. I suppose my question is from all this info do I really have hypothyroid or could the flu made me temporary hypo and would it have sorted itself out

Sorry this is long winded but like everyone else just wnat to get myself well


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It would appear that you are not on enough meds to make you feel well. Your GP should be aiming for a TSH 1 or below and some need a suppressed TSH to feel well.

Dr Toft, ex of the British Thyroid Association has a booklet which you may like to read and point out the relevant parts to your GP.

I don't think 'flu would cause hypo, but probably made you feel worse. You have had a high TSH now for more than two years so I wouldn't think it was a temporary blip. I am not medically qualified but many GP's do not give patients enough levo and try to keep the TSH 'within the reference range' which is wrong.


Thanks Shaws

I have got an appt. with G.P. on Friday and I have already purchased the book by

Dr. Toft as you recommended it in a previous post so I will take it with me and discuss my levels then

Thanks again for your reply


I hope he is amenable. Good luck.


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