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Just got my levels and wondered if anyone can comment on them as all seems normal but have all the symptoms of being hypothyroid!

Hi again, I am feeling quite desperate with the symptons I have and thought I would have some thyroid deficiency which would have given some hope to feeling better (low temperature all day, carpel tunnel, hair loss, painful heels, aching muscles feeling tired - symptoms of being hypothyroid) but it seems all is normal. Enclosed are results and ranges and any thoughts would be appreciated. I have heard that sometimes results can be normal but the problem is "hiding". Is this possible?

TSH 1.08 (0.34 - 5.6)

SERUM PROLACTIN 101 (58 - 416)

SERUM FREE T4 10.1 (7.9 - 20.0)

SERUM FREE TRIIODOTHYRONINE 4.4 (3.8 - 6.0) Is this T3?


I have both oestradial and progesterone levels below normal levels but dont know if this would affect anything.....

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I feel for you as i was Hypo then went a bit hyper,,carpel tunnel..really bad pins and needles in arms always cold tired no motivation anxious...then started to get warm tearful and never left the loo.....was Gp has reduced meds and i dont feel any better after 3 weeks....its hard to get right...


Hi. You have scope for a dose increase. We often don't feel right until our TSH is lower than the range (ie in this case below 0.34). Your T4 and T3 (yes you are right) are both at the lower end of the ranges. You probably won't start to feel much better until your levels are quite a bit higher. Unfortunately, GPs are often reluctant to do this, but an endocrinologist should do so. If you are symptomatic you should be treated with a higher dose.


Hi and thank you for your answer, I have never had any medication for hypothyroid and the doctor says its all fine and normal but I do have symptoms. However I am having a chat with her today, do you think I should ask for a trial as this is all so new to me?


Oh, sorry, I assumed you were on treatment.

Well, with a TSH of just over 1, you'll be very lucky to get treatment, especially from your GP. I think you should be pointing out all your symptoms, the low in range T4 and T3, and suggesting that you don't want to wait until your TSH gets to the cut off point for treatment (which could be years of a slow decline in function for you) before being treated. Perhaps suggest a referral to an endocrinologist, or that the GP speaks to an endocrinologist, particularly in light of your oestrogen and progesterone levels. I suspect the best you may be able to hope for from a GP is a retest of everything in 3 months - but that is better than nothing.

Regarding the carple tunnel syndrome, have you had your B12 levels tested? Suggest this to the GP as B12 deficiency could well cause several of your symptoms. There is no harm in supplementing anyway, even if you are just low in range. Jarrows 1000mcg off amazon - I take one a day and it cured my nerve problems that I'd put down to my thyroid. BUT, get a test first. Once tested, a general multivitamin wouldn't go amiss in addition to the high dose B12.

I don't know your age, but if you are anywhere near the menopause, they can try and pin it all on that too.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Emma

That is very useful to know and I will see if I can get my B12 tested maybe along with vit D perhaps. Are there any other ones that you think may be useful? Many thanks for your help, it really is appreciated. Ali


Hi Ali

I'm not an expert at all, but people here seem to say B12, D, ferritin (iron stores), iron, calcium are all worthwhile checking. Vitamin D is a difficult one to supplement alone as it can affect calcium, so you need to make sure that both are checked first. Of course, a normal multivitamin with not too high a vitamin D dose should be fine to take daily, but its good to know there's not a deficiency that needs high dose treatment first as this will need monitoring. However, you cannot overdose on B12!!

I sympathise with you as I was similarly not obviously hypothyroid, yet was suffering, probably for many years, before I got treated. I'm not perfect now, but it really has made so much difference to me. I'm 44 now and feel much more happy and alive than I did 10 years ago! Good luck with the appointment!



Thanks again Emma

Have managed to get an appt to have all those things tested so will know more next week. Glad that you are now so much better. Its encouraging to hear some success stories.

Best Ali


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