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Hi all feel really ill have got another sinus infection on antibiotics again but this one feels different i pains in my stomuch i have nausea cant eat a thing im shaking. I am getting so worried havent felt ill like this for ages last time i felt like this was before i was diagnosed with hashi,s i went for blood tests last tuesday and they are still not back at docters im on 75 thyroxine.So dont know wether its the sinus infection or hashi,s

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I feel your frustration too please don't think u r alone

It's very difficult to stay calm and discuss everything with your gp when you feel so ill

But we have to try and be strong

I hope you can get some answers soon as we all know its never quick enough when we feel so poorly

Take care




I too understand your frustration, but maybe the antibiotics will kick in soon. If this pattern continues, however, you may wish to consider these sites. My daughter was the same for years and years and we have just had her biotoxin illness confirmed this year.

Jane x x


Thank you Janeb for this. Can't tell you how much this resonates with me. Am in Italy and will show these to my doctor in the hope we can find someone who can test me for this. Think this explains many of my son's symptoms hearfelt thanks for putting it out there.



Hi Alicia, Where are you in Italy? My daughter's home is in Italy although she is with me at the moment. She lives in Piemonte. Do let us know how you get on with your doctor. Jane x


Hi Janeb

We are south of Rome...have been to the Doctor and whilst she clearly thinks I am a bit mad she has prescribed the cholestyramine....however it seems my body can't manage it just yet so am going to take Candex to see if that might help get rid of molds..suspect I will have to track down a doctor who deals with luck yet here in Italy..but Shoemaker is very expensive.

I've heard Piemonte is lovely...has your daughter been there long? Hope you are enjoying the sunshine in UK? Best wishes



Hello Alicia, I wrote you a long reply yesterday which lost itself in the ether somewhere! I really must get someone to look at my laptop - it keeps doing that. Anyway I threw up my hands in horror and went out to cut some grass instead!

Here goes again. It is REALLY good news to hear that your doctor prescribed cholestyramine! WOW! No such luck here in Devon. Caroline is having phone consults since our visit to California to see the doctor and he said to her "The good news is that we now know what's wrong with you, and the bad news is that we now know what's wrong with you", so we know things are not going to be fast. He also said as far as the cholestyramine is concerned that some is good, more is not better. If the moulds are killed off too quickly the body will have difficulty getting rid of them. She started on a very low dose of one eighth of a teaspoon every other day. She is now taking one quarter of a teaspoon every day, although the last 2 days she has been in such pain all over that she has taken nothing as she feels there was too much kill off. She is aiming to reach one teaspoon per day.

These blogs will fill you in on a bit of the background:

I can really recommend the videos mentioned in each of the blogs, and also Dr. Nathan's book. We have Dr. Shoemaker's books too, but they are quite heavy going. There are also books written by others who have suffered from the condition. There are lots on the USA Amazon site, and we found one here called "Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome" by Mary Beth Short-Ray.

There were several written after Hurricane Katrina caused a large outbreak of the condition several years ago because of the invasion of water into homes and work places. Caroline has found that if you order over £25 worth from Amazon there is no postage charge to Italy.

I have been investigating if there is anywhere that will do the mould testing here but without success. You might also like to check if you have any chronic viruses. These too leave biotoxins in the body and can also cause thyroid problems (and other endocrine problems). This is all a very recent and very steep learning curve for us. You might have more luck finding labs in Italy than here. There is much more research in Italy (Florence) and Germany and of course the USA regarding chronic virus toxins.

I have a long list of references and links in my "Bookmarks" folder which I really must sort into some sort of order. I'll send it to you at some point if you are interested.

Caroline loves it in Piemonte. It is very beautiful. She lives in the countryside miles from anywhere except her village which is about a mile away. The people are SOOOOO lovely.

Do keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

Jane x x


Thank you so much for taking the time to write message no 2..means such a lot to know that someone else out there is having the same struggles...wishing Caroline heaps of success with the Cholestyramine....and would love to know how she is doing from time to time..will pray too!

Thank you very much for all the information and yes please to reference list when easy for you. I am going to England next week ( Devon! for a few days and then to my mum's in Wilts) and am going to collect my drugs to start a 'therapy' as they say problem is I react to everything so have to start off so the viruses I know I have Epstein Barr and I expect others going to look into all your links and seewhat else re testing I should do. So huge thanks for that pointer. Re viruses I had been thinking of taking one drop of lemon essential oil in a glass of water each day as that is quite a powerful antiviral apparently.....will let you know how it all goes...

I love the sound of Caroline's village and am a little green...would love to be in the countryside ( we are in the UK!) and not yet impressed by Italian countryside here!! Though Frascati and Grottaferrata has a couple of nice patches.....

Enjoy the sun.....bestest of wishes



Hi You are on a very low dose, make sure you have had TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested for correct treatment. Now due to costs many GP`s are only testing tSH, not a good guide for the correct treatment. Also all the other hormonal , autoimmune bloods. Vit D ( if low corrected calcium before any treatment), b12 + Foliates, iron/ferritin and diabetes. All very basic tests a good Endo does at first visit. There is also a test for caeliac disease, relevant for you, autoimmune etc., however does not always show it, if tests OK, may be worth trying Gluten free diet, horrible but see if it helps. Also Gall bladder disease ie stone common with thyroid. Does not sound like that but sometimes grit can be stuck in the bile duct. Mostly this shows on an ultra sound Of course with Hashi infections more likely and we all know antibiotics upset the system really you need to see how you are in a few weeks. Some times always taking zinc helps to lessen infections, it is totally safe, a mineral..

I hope you feel better soon.

Best wishes,



Hi all thankyou for help. Think i am going to ring endo,s secretarys and ask if he can see me before july.Had bloods done on tuesday last week i think this is more than a sinus infection like i said feels like how i felt before i was diagnosed with hashi,s. i am taking 2500 vit D a day. and when i see ent doc in july going to ask for operation can not live my life on antibiotics anymore. i,ll try the zinc as well thankyou again xx


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