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Hello. I thought I would share this with you. My friend asked me recently to explain an underactive thyroid, T4 and T3 etc. (Which I am convinced I have, but TSH, doctors and endo, say NO). So, in my simple language, I explained it like this : What do you think?

If you have a car, and things start to go wrong with it, you take it to a garage. The pistons aren't working, then the gears, then the speedometer then the.........etc. etc. By this time you'll be lucky if the old banger can still get you from A to B without breaking down.

Unfortunately, on the next visit to the garage they tell you there is now irreversible damage been caused to your car, because it has been running, all this time, without the essentials - Oil and Water !!! and Nobody, at the garage, thought to check it !

T4 and T3

I was given a present, a box of teabags. I said, Thank You, kindly, and put them in the cupboard. On each visit my guest gave me another box, until eventually, the cupboard was full of boxes of teabags. Unfortunately, these teabags turned out to be useless to me, my guest had never enquired if I owned a kettle! Which would have allowed me to boil water and make and enjoy the benefits of having a cuppa. !!!

My friend wondered why doctors could not see things through, common sense eyes, and suggested that they all be prescribed a pair of "common sense" glasses to see their patients with. I recon that a lot of them are too vain to admit that they need glasses in the first place. So, their patients are going to continue to go thirsty until they are completely dehydrated ! Like me.


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Duplicate post, sorry, deleted the error.

Brilliant. Pure brilliance. That has to be one of the best explanations Ive heard. I cant wait to use that on my deaf cant look at me Endo.

Thank you for making me smile.

As for the ranges, they are not set in concrete or should they be adhered to like glue. I would write a list of problems. There is a check list of symptoms on the main page. Admin can do the linky.

If you can think back, try to write when they appeared. Hi-light the most bothersome. then use the Drs own ignorance back at them.

For example. If youre feeling exessively tired. Thyroid is one cause. Ask the Dr to investigate it. Simple blood test for irons, for example. If that comes back low, then proceed with why is it low, again investigate why.

Its a long way round to go, but when the obvious culprits are ruled out, the thyroid is the answer and the Dr cant argue otherwise.

Be subtle, be crafty and unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes.


Here's the link to the checklist. I didn't know it existed, so hunted it down.


Don,t give up, you know how your body works, and you know when things are not as they should be. I must be driving my GP,s surgery crackers at the moment, my Thyroid is not as it should be, but I visit my Endo in July, so will find out whether my 100mcg/125mcg alternate days is working. I,ve also got problems with my Kidneys, and I have now convinced my GP, it has something to do with my taking Bezafibrate for my High Cholesterol as when I stopped taking it my Kidney function was back to normal, when I take it (which I am again at the mo, to see if this is the case) it is well below normal at 59.7. I must ring my surgery every week or so, I don,t like doing it, but if I can get to the bottom of my worsening fatigue, its worth it. So keep banging on doors and ask for another opinion if you are not happy with what your GP is telling you. I assume you have had all your bloods done! Best wishes, and take care. Kath x


Not a reply at all,but a good luck message for your appointment this week. All fingers crossed for you!


Thank You so much for thinking of me. 10am.Friday! D Day! It will be decided if I am to get proper help or will have to go it alone? with the great support from you and the people here. I will let you know how I get on.x


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