Is there a vitamin d injection?

I am seeing my GP on Friday as my Vit d level is 10 and she has requested to see me.

I am wondering about asking for a Vit d injection instead of supplement so I have a large loading dose. Has anyone ever had one, I have read there is one for Vit d2 but not Vit d3 is this right?

I have ferritin of 13 and folate of 3.3 I am supplementing them. I need to start feeling well and if at least I get these levels up it gives me a fighting chance.

Thanks for reading :-)


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  • Hi Yes there is , but my GP would not do them, usually for last for a period of time. Worked out for the best, my Corrected calcium was low ( essential tet before any D) then shot up above range, dangerous. If D in injection it would have still been in the body as it was I had to stop my D, all under an Endo.

    Re thyroid,

    Make sure you have a TSH, T4 and Free T3 test, GP`s often trying to save money. Only way to really evaluate.You may have to pay your self on line, but worth it if you can manage as you then should have the treatment you need,

    best wishes,


    If you want more details, get back to me, click on "Reply to this" under the post

  • Thank you, I've had more tests, they are all on my profile.

    I haven't had t3 though. Gp requested it but lab wouldn't do it.

    Going to pay for it. Do you know if I can pay through the GP?

    Not had my calcium checked, should I?

    I am due back a work on Friday (nightshirt), after maternity leave. Very worried about it, :-(

  • Hi Baby congrats, Make sure you have B12 checked too, Iron supplement a good idea, best is Spatone, Amazon.If Taking Vit D ,vital to have calcium checked, the only one that matters is corrected calcium, any way always ask for results + ranges. Corrected calcium must always be in range as an electrolyte. I had to stop D when mine went too high ( good Endo), D is quite complicated and makes the calcium go up. It should ideally be given under direction of endo, via GP. It is a hormone. Re test both after 3 months and then occasionally.

    free T3 test ( other useless), the GP may do it but a lot of nHS Labs refuse. Some people get it by asking GP if they can pay for it along with TSH, T4 that was usually about £10.My Gp hysterical at the mere mention!. I pay on line, dearer but next cheapest option, endo and I consider vital..Get back to me if you require details.

    With a new baby vital you get the correct treatment, it can take a year with tests repeated and then drugs increased.

    best wishes,


  • Corrected calcium added to my growing list for the doctors on Friday! Eeek, she's very good and does listen but think she's going to start getting bored of my woes :-/

    I am taking solgar b12 methycobalamin, I am 544 so mid range.

    Vitamin b complex from solgar

    Ferritin fumerate ... I am 13 so very low

    Folic acid ..folate as 3.3 so well under range.

    Waiting to see what she prescribes for my Vit d level of 10.

    All my bloods and ranges are on my Information profile to avoid typing them every time :-)

    Thank you for replying, I am fed up, like most who are trying to get to the bottom of the problem. I am going to ask for a ultrasound as I have a hoarse voice, discomfort when swallowing and now blood when coughing. Then if I have anytime left (doubtful) I want to try my luck at pushing for a Referral to dr skinner ..... Hmmmm

  • Sounds a good idea.Although of course, vit D etc really an Endo`s field rather than a thyroid doc Also make sure if she refers you that she will prescribe and test on his recommendation as a consultant always does..

    good luck!


  • Hi Jackie, had to come back to let you know, my doctor phoned me today, she has faxed a two week wait referral to ENT for my hoarse voice and bleeding. She also said she will refer me to dr skinner, I have to take his details with me to Fridays appointment.! And,, signed me off work. So, quite a result for a telephone call.... Now to see what Fridays appointment brings :-)

  • Wonderful. I am so pleased, you are half way there. My voice so bad that no one can hear me, as I am deaf, great fun! My swallowing also a nightmare. They have got worse over the years in spite of the correct thyroid treatment. Enlarged and nodules, common with auto immune I hope all goes well for you.

    Best wishes,


  • There is, but I think you will find that it is D2, which is not what you need. I had one, which was supposed to be the answer to all my problems in that department. Unfortunately the result was a sudden drop in levels and feeling worse than ever. When I queried this I was told that I had been given the wrong advice when I had been told to stop my oral supplement!

    I found a 5,000iu gelcap raised my levels steadily and my levels are no optimal.

    I wouldn’t bother with an injection again.


  • I was given the injection 2 years ago as was unable to take any of the supplements due to being allergic to one of the components, It was a long time raising my vit d level and enev then it only rose a couple of notches. This year I was told that they no longer do the injection so was just left with low vit d, a couple of months ago I found a tablet that is suitable for vegetarians GP was happy to prescribe this new tablet and I have been on that since. As jackie says once that injection is in you can not remove it, at least if your taking supplements you can increase/decrease as required.

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