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SIFO and vitamin D

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It seems I might have SIFO(small intestine fungal overgrowth) which affect thyroid function as does SIBO.

Had thyroid tests on dialysis method done as normal tests vary too much. But surprise surprise lab tested them difficult it can be to read the lab referral!!!

Anyway my doctor told me in this situation I need to avoid supplementing vitamin D which is stereoidhormone ,as well as omega 3 and 6, which worsen the inflammation.

I am getting antifungal medication if I want to, he reckon my SIFO is already getting better as I have taken oregano oil and symptoms have lessened plus vit B1+B6+B12 injections have helped too.

Also my vit D is tested by different method which measure active vit D, if thats ok then I might be one of those who shouldn't supplement vit D if normal test come back low.

I am like bleh, meh, sigh.

On the positive side, all other tests show nothing to worry about, it's highly unlikely I have mitochondrial disease which is huge relief!

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Sorry to ask you are you in uk and what tests did you do to reveal this all?

Iam glad you don’t have anything major :-)

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Justiina in reply to Ari3

I am in Finland and the probable SIFO is based on low leukocytes and need of high vitamin B and protein deficiency (low prealbumin indicating malnutrition). As otherwise my test results are fine my doctor narrowed it down to hiccup in small intestine which is either caused by poor thyroid function or poor thyroid function is caused by that hiccup. When the test method in local lab changed my thyroid values normalised which could be down to test method itself therefore my doctor ordered them done by dialysis method as most of my symptoms still adds up with low ft3.

My problem is fluid retention in the body. Dialysis 3 days of the week is the remedy. about 3,5 liters of fluid is taken out per dialysis. What is the best way to reduce fluid retention? How much fluid can I take per day?

Pleased you seem to be getting somewhere at last Justiina , and that it doesn't appear to be anything to do with the mitochondria. Hope you soon see a big improvement.

Thanks :) vitamin B injections has made a huge difference. Awesome to wake up relatively well rested! Awesome to be social again and enjoy it.

Awesome to feel like a human being again!

I have strong belief rest of the issues will sort out as well during time. Could be that some of the symptoms I still have are more about poor muscles ie not storing energy. Been able to exercise carefully without PEM so slowly increasing muscle mass can fix the symptoms. It might not all be mysterious symptoms just poor fit.

I am so pleased for you Justiina. It is really wonderful to be able to feel like 'you' again. This happened to me when I first went onto Levothyroxine, but with the change to generic Levo,I am not so good again. Not quite as bad as before though. Onwards and upwards, and I hope other things fall into place eventually for you.

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