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Saliva Profile - interpretation?

Hi, advice needed on recent Saliva Test:-

Sample 1 11.6 (12 - 22 )

Sample 2 18.2 ( 5.0 - 9.0 )

Sample 3 9.7 ( 3.0 - 7.0 )

Sample 4 3.3 ( 1.0 - 3.0 )

Total Daily Cortisol 42.8 ( 21 - 41 )

DHEA : Cortisol Ratio 0.60 ( 0.6 - 3.0 )

Low waking Cortisol then elevates. Genova suggest low waking indicates Hypoadrenia & the elevation possible low glucose. ( My serum glucose is normal ).

Low Thyroid, no supplementation yet. Question is are my adrenals strong enough to start thyroid supps? As have high Cortisol through the day - am I hyper or hypo adrenia?

Should I take Cortex to support or not?

Has anyone experienced same profile & can tell me how they dealt with please



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Well I think was overall score was the same as yours, but that was with a very high waking score! Dr P seems to think mine are ok now, in this case :0/


No. I wouldnt take cortex if I were you. Your adrenals are producing adequate amounts of cortisol - if anything they are producing slightly too much - the problem is that the rhythm is all messed up. If you take cortex then you will increase cortisol, and too much is catabolic - causing tissue breakdown.

Can you think of any reasons why your cortisol might be so out of rhythm? Do your sleep patterns seem really out as well? Do skip breakfast and have three strong cups of coffee instead? It's probably not as obvious as that, but there must be something in your lifestyle that explains things.


It may be that, because you are hypothyroid, your body is trying to compensate for the lack of thyroid hormone by producing extra cortisol during the day. Your body can only do this for so long before the adrenals start to become sluggish. In this case your cortisol levels will start to drop. Stress during the day, or lack of adequate quality sleep, can also cause this to happen.

Do you wake late or early? Do you sleep well? Are you stressed during the day?

I think you may find that, once you are treated for your hypothyroidism, your morning cortisol may rise and then your body will stop overcompensating during the day. I may be wrong, as I have no medical training and am going on what I have read, but I think delaying treating your thyroid too long may actually make things worse.

Thyroid hormones are required for manufacturing cortisol. If you do not have enough, your body will not be able to make enough cortisol and you will have a low waking cortisol. Then, if they are able, your adrenals may compensate during the day by producing more. If you have enough thyroid hormones, hopefully your adrenals will be able to manufacture cortisol in the early hours, like it is supposed to.

Of course, your results could be due to external factors such as those mentioned by poing. It would probably be worth looking on line for information on adrenal fatigue and the self-help measures recommended for recovery.

I hope you find the answers soon

Carolyn x


To all that answered,

Just luv this 'channel' you all chip in with info & really helpfull. I need it!!!!

It's a puzzler. FT3 below ref. range, so yes needs supporting. Due to start Amour,

question is, do I need to use 1st dose CMT3 or not? Waking time variable

4.30 - 6.30. Waking Cortisol variable too - can be elevated or low. What do you reckon?

Genova comment to Saliva Profile was:- Waking low Cortisol, indicative Hypoadrenia! Elevated daytime - low blood sugar. ( Thats where I got idea I must be Hypoadrenia from. )

I am sensitive to any 'obvious' glucose intake and avoid but serum glucose is normal. Maybe low serum Thyroid state affects metab of glucose?

As Poing asks, yes, eat breakfast & regular thro' day.

Thanks thoughts guys,



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