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Help with reading Test results please

Finally got test results back,don't even understand the abreviations. Could anyone help please.These tests cover sometime.

TSH 0.739 U&Es normal GFR>60 LFTs normal TTG negative TPO antibodies>600. USS neck thyroid not enlarged diffusely hypoechoic and heterogenous. Increased vascularity consistant with chronic thyroiditis. 6mm well defined nodule in R lobe and further 1cm hypoechoic defined nodule in L lobe (neither displaying sinister sonographic features)

Results,UEs N,GFR>60 cre70 TSH39.1 FT4 7.3FT3 3.1 cortisol 265 vit B12 634 Ferr 68.3 Folate 10.1

Awful lot of strange words and numbers whatever they mean I have a 'script for T3/T4 combo at last.

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HI Lets start with the simple one, U`s and E`s are kidney function. You need a print off of these, quite a few, with ranges. All blood tests are at different Labs so ranges essential.The results at that Lab is what matters. Your GFR is fine, it does not have a range as such and is the most important U and E.If TSH is point 7, I cannot make it out,if it is 7 and then the point it is high, but not too bad. that should be oK.If you have a script it will either be for Levo ( T4 ) an separately T3. Or ,unlikely armour or Erfa, not normally prescribed NHS. which do contain both.They are probably very low, could be but ask the receptionist for the ranges. If on both they will be and that is brilliant, usually just Levo( T4) is used to start with.Cortisol blood test not a lot of use much better tests. B12, ferritin and Foliates, look Ok ( need ranges).You also need tests for vit D ( hormonal) if low corrected calcium before any treatment. Also diabetes, autoimmune and hormonal, similar symptoms to start with.Normally T4 needs to be in top third of range and Free T3 near the top, all on treatment, I guess you are not at the moment/??

This is all guesswork with outt he ranges, ask for them always and keep all results.Make a note of the dose you are on ,on each print out, useful!

Best wishes,


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Hi Jackie,thanks for replying.Sorry to be so long getting back to you. (we've had the g.children this week-end.) It took a lot to get this info.which is a copy of the letter sent to my GP.I had to ask How to make a complaint at the hospital.So when I do see my GP I shall have to ask him for ranges but I don't think he will be much help. I've been on T4 for 3-4 years now without any upward progress,so I think adding T3 is all the endo can think of. 'script is at asda waiting to be filled so another waiting game but making progress.Thanks again for your help.B.


Hi If the same NHS Lab that your GP`s test go to ,then it should be the same, Try your receptionist. Also ,you can phone the Endo`s secretary at the hospital and ask. You are entitled to receive all this Info, nothing to do with "freedom of info" act, it is simply that it is your body and bloods. if you go on some T3 with your T4, it should make a huge difference. It did not exist until a few years, I could not be without it now. Remember to split the dose, 12 hours apart, Also best to have half the dose for a week, then go on prescribed amount. It an cause side effects and that helps. A further test when been on full dose a month, retest TSH, T4 and FT3. It does always take at least a year any way to be stable. Try and discover if you had all the other essential tests, all hormonal so make a huge difference.

Reply any way when you want, if you want.

The site was down yesterday, often seems to be!

Best wishes,



'Often' is a bit harsh! ;) There is a new site version coming, so we suspect there was some 'fiddling' going on over the Bank Holiday weekend... ;)




Hi I did not mean it quite like that. The problems with being Off line, are wide spread, frustrating , not just TUK!

Jackie x


lol! Yeah, I know! *sigh* :(

Have pm'd you something interesting...! ;)



Thanks, rushing to an appointment, will study, looks interesting and get back to you.

Jackie xx


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