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US report, what does it mean?

I've just been able to read the report on my neck ultrasound scan, haven't spoken to my Gp yet but hope to tomorrow. Can anyone shed a light on what any of it means please-

' a small ill defined hypoechoic area identified anteriorly within the mid left lobe of the thyroid measures 8x6x5mm. This is not grossly vascular but some internal vascularity is seen. It is oval in shape. No evidence of calcification is identified. Follow up and further investigation suggested.'

Thanks for any advice

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The nodule is very small. Nodules <1cm are rarely malignant.

Internal vascularity means the nodule has a blood supply.

a hypoechoic nodule is simply a mass which does not bounce back ultrasound waves very well. It usually represents some abnormal tissue that could be many different things (some bad, some not). It usually means that the patient needs to undergo more testing.


The further investigation will probably be repeat ultrasound scans every 6 months or so until nodule is >1cm when it will be large enough to biopsy.


Many thanks Clutter, thats helped a lot :)


Clutter has covered everything pretty well. I would like to add that I read somewhere that if calcification is present then the tumor or fibroid is in its last stages, i.e. it is dying. I guess that is a good sign. You still have a lump but it is benign. A piece of good news is that if your "lump" is cancerous then it is only on one side of the thyroid so you would not need a total thyroidectomy, just half a one (a hemidectomy). This means that your right side could take up normal function and all would be well again. Pls note that it is not quite that simple, you have to find out what attacked your thyroid in the first place and address that problem so that it doesn't attack your surviving half and put you through that trauma again.


Thanks for your message LAHs, it helps to have as much info as possible.

Ive spoken to my Gp this afternoon and she's referred me to ENT for further investigation, so I hope to get an appointment in the next two weeks.

Thanks again


Like Clutter says, Nodules <1cm are rarely malignant. So I bet everything will be OK. Let us know how it goes, we'll be thinking of you and wishing you well.


Aww thanks LAHs thats a lovely message! Yes I will post when I know more. Hope alls well with you :)


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