Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor, how do you sleep at night ?

Why am I being punished ? I didn't ask for this, I just woke up one day in this nightmare. I don't smoke, do drugs or drink to excess (don't touch the stuff now). I've always been good, never stolen and never answered you back or questioned you, (but this has changed and I so hate doing it). I rarely if ever swear, although I find myself swearing more and more due to the frustration of my situation. I was a goody two shoes, if I was 5 mins late for school I would panic. I eat healthily; fresh homemade food by my long suffering man, and more than five a day, (although I'm off my food due to the chronic constipation).

I hardly ever saw you before, but in the last few months I have had to seen you at least 6 times, So why don't you believe me when I tell you I feel the worst I have ever felt in my life ? I don't want a high or to run marathons or to bodybuild, I just want to function, to be able to make the bed without having to recover for the rest of the day, to not have to wear my hat, scarf and coat in the house with the heating on 22 degrees C. to be able to climb upstairs without any aches and stiffness and not look at the christmas decorations at the top of the landing for the 100th time, thinking I might be able to get them up into the loft today, but then look up at the hatch and feel the enormity of it seems like climbing Mount Everest, . . . and then wonder why I had gone upstairs in the first place. When I show you my swollen tongue and neck and chronic sore red raw throat, why do you just sit there bemused ?

Why when you see your patient suffering do you do nothing ?, did you go into this CARING profession to care for your patients or was it just about the money ? maybe you're scared to step outside of the safety of the "Guidelines" in case your rapped on the knuckles, but who set these "guidlines" ? a private organisation ? nothing to do with the NHS or NICE ? so why are you being dictated to ? and why are you just lying down and taking it ?

Oh yes, and the questionable TSH test; to add insult to injury, not to treat or act until it reaches 10 is pure cruelty !!, who thought that one up ? it must have been a real misogynist, his wife must have really hacked him off that day, (not forgetting the minority of males who are suffering too). You wouldn't let a member of your own family, let alone your pet suffer so, in fact you'd probably put snugglebunny down rather than see her go through what I am going through. Surely you doctors care enough to get together and make a stand ? or do you get some sadistic pleasure or fascination out of seeing us suffer ?

Bitter . . . Me ? No thats not in my nature . . well it never used to be !

Enjoy your Horlicks . . Sweet dreams

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  • I can understand your frustration, especially when they diagnose how 'well' you are according to the TSH blood test and tell you all other symptoms are due to another cause.

  • *Like* :)

  • Hi flatfeet you have to make a nuisance of yourself as i told someone else yesterday my gp told me to go away for a year told me it was just my fibromialgia. I thought i had lupus so i wrote to them and they advised me to go see a dermotologist as i big sores coming up everywhere blood tests for lupus kept coming back negative it was dermotologist who took my blood and found trouble with my thyroid I have hashimotos. I now see an endo im on thyroxine. Try and find a endo near you write to them and tell them all your symptoms and problems and that gp wont send you anywhere they will send you a letter back and you can take it to gp for a referral i know its a lot to do when you feel so ill and worn down but i found its the only way to get help Good Luck xx

  • Very strange how dermatologists often seem to come up with the answers that an endo or GP doesn't. Next time I have a problem I think I will book into a dermatologist.

  • Hi Lifeback, thank you for your great tip. When I muster up some more strength I will be following your advice, Its not in my nature to make a nuisance but needs must.

    Best wishes xx

  • Flatfeet, my sentiments exactly!

  • Agreed!

  • you need a good revolution in this country and you are absolutely right to be furious! I am too for myself who had to have both thyroid and gallbladder removed last winter (as the PTU that was prescribed to me "poisoned" me), but I am also furious to think that there are patients like me out there left with no support or information! An outrage it is..

  • Sorry, but it's not just in the UK. I live in France and the care I get here isn't that much better, the average doctor is not that much more clued up on thyroid, and endos go mainly by TSH and levo; don't believe in T3, and NDT is illegal. Gynocologists don't know the connection between thyroid and female problems; ENTS don't know the connection between thyroid and sore throats/loss of voice/coughing/ect; and neurologists don't know the connection between thyroid and peripheral neuropathy - to name just a few.

    This is not a criticism of France, it a criticism of doctors' training world-wide and their cow-towing to Big Pharma, who leads the dance. I have talked to thyroid patients in the US, Austrailia, Italy, Spain, Germany, etc and they all say the same thing. And those that have had revolutions didn't find it did anything for their thyroid.

    Hugs, Grey

  • I'm almost tempted to print that out and send it to my doctors' practice. Anonymously obviously. Don't worry, I wont.

    If I or my vet treated my animals the way most doctors treat us we would be prosecuted.

  • Oh Flatfeet, you have expressed exactly just how most of us are feeling and I think this letter should be a full page in a Newspaper. How about sending it to one? I do think doctors should be ashamed of themselves for not upholding the principles of a caring profession, but still taking the large salaries that such a position commands these days. Janet.

  • Well said!

  • I so agree with j_bee!!! Send it to every newspaper, magazine, including doctor's own specialist publications, any websites that deal with health issues. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, etc. Get the idea? Publicise it anywhere it might get seen by the public and the medical profession alike! Always include a reference to Thyroid UK (the doctors I've come across hate that and it'll get right under the BTF skin). That way we'll get even more members. I saw in another post at by helvella (Rod)today that there are nearly 4million T3 users in this country alone. Get all or even half of them on board and suddenly we will become a voice that cannot be ignored or swept under the carpet!

  • How about this alongside:

  • I agree with Zephyr Bear - get posting! :)

  • I think I began reading this forum almost a year ago and there has been very little change as far as the dismal treatment people in the UK are receiving through the NHS. It seems that walking on eggshells to appease the various authorities seems tantamount to condoning this treatment. Surely this group can use their collective power to point out the self-serving, manmade rules that individual GP's are thrusting on patients like yourself. This is in the STTM book idea of Dear Doctor:

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