Lipotrim diet

I did this diet about 2 years ago for about 4 weeks but then have up. There was weight loss but until this day I've swore it's the most vile diet ever. Anyway now I'm hypo I'm finishing it quite hard to burn calories so thinking of going back on the lipotrim. However what puts me off is that a 500 calorie meal replacement diet must do some damage to the metabolism so with my body already being out of balance it wouldn't be a good thing, on the other hand I've read some amazing reviews from people with an under active thyroid who have done it. Can anybody shed some light?

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Just try and follow the Paleo diet. It's the best/most healthiest I reckon. No need to restrict calories or anything!


hiya, I am new here. what is the Paleo diet??


...take a look at

You are right, it possibly could do some damage. If you are hypo, 'diets' are not a good idea. 500 calories is not enough to support conversion and you will end up putting on more weight, not losing it. You have to accept that now you are hypo, your body just does not work the way it used to and now you can diet yourself fat!

Personally, I would take those reviews about hypo people losing lots of weight with a pinch of salt. Because you don't have all the information, such as just how hypo are they? How long have they been hypo? Are they taking T3? Etc.

The best way to lose weight is to get your hormone levels optimised. Do you have any blood test results to share with us? With ranges, of course.

Hugs, Grey

With respect Grey, saying "take those reviews about hypo people losing lots of weight with a pinch of salt" is somewhat unfair. It is true optimising hormone levels is very important but nonetheless many people have succeeded losing weight by following the paleo or insulin resistant diet, these regimes having a positive effect on hormone levels and homeostasis.

Many people have written positive helpful blogs on dietry advice on this website, these have not been a waste of time as it has given much encouragement and help to those seeking advice. We know some people who would like to lose weight, slip the net due to complications, but it is a fact that even with a thyroid condition many people can reduce their weight when a closer look is taken at what is eaten.

Best wishes


Hi Joyla, I stand by what I said - although I don't think I said anything about wasting time. The thing is when it comes to thyroid we are not all equal. So many things can affect the way our bodies react. We cannot compare ourselves to each other.

I put myself in the place of some very very hypo person (me, for example) desperately trying to lose weight and failing, then reading someone saying oh, I'm hypo, but I can lose weight! And I think about the effect that has on that person. One feels a failiure. And perhaps one's partner reads the same thing and says well, she's hypo and she can lose weight, why can't you? You're just not trying hard enough... What does that do to our morale? Yes, it can be inspiring. But what happens if it doesn't work for the umpteenth time? What does that do to us?

But, as I said before, we don't know all the facts. Rarely when people post about their weight loss do they say well, I was hypo but now my levels are optimised and all my symptoms have gone. They do not give us their levels. They rarely think about that sort of thing, they are just so happy to be losing weight - and rightly so!

Then again, how much research has gone into this? Do we know if it's easier for someone to lose weight when their hypo is caught earlier? Could be. Could also be that someone who has been under-treated for many, many years has a much harder time losing weight than someone who is well treated right from the beginning.

Also, we often see people writing that yes, they managed to lose weight, but they put it straight back on again. (Know all about that!) People who blog about their weight loss tend to do it while they are losing or just after they've lost. We have no idea how long that is going to last.

Please understand that I'm not criticising or trying to undermine anyone. I'm just trying to be fair to everyone. It's heart-breaking when people say oh, she can lose weight, why can't I, I'm a loser - or words to that effect - when it is in no way their fault. There are reasons why they can't lose weight but we never have all the facts. And we probably never will.

Hugs, Grey

Oh, and incase you're wondering, I've had Hashi's all my life. When I was in a hyper swing, I lost fantastic amounts. But when I went hypo again, it all went back on plus some.

At 65 years old, I had a lot of health problems and put on an amazing amount. I was the largest I'd been in my life. Two years later, when I got my dose sorted out, I started losing weight without changing my diet or doing anything and lost about 30 kilos.

At the moment, I'm having more problems, and that weight is starting to creep on again although I hardly eat, can't eat, makes me feel sick. And that's probably the problem, I don't eat enough at the moment to lose any weight.

And in between all that, so very very many failed diets that the word 'diet' is now poison to my ears.

Hi Grey

I read your comments with interest and compassion, but your words "take those reviews about hypo people losing lots of weight with a pinch of salt" as equally hurtful and demoralising to those of us, and there are many, who have attempted to encourage people who are seeking help with their weight issues, often with success, notwithstanding there are people who have extensive complications. Although you did not use the words "waste of time" the implication was there "as a pinch of salt."

I also understand that weight can be lost and gained which is frustrating, people often find it hard to remain on a food regime for the rest of their lives and end up putting back what they had lost, again notwithstanding those who have extensive complications.

The word "diet" can fuel negative thoughts I agree as it is too often associated with weight loss rather than what we actually eat.

Yes I have lost weight successfully and as long as I follow my regime I remain this way; no I have not solved all my thyroid issues but there is no doubt my health has benefited, because I still have certain health issues does not mean I am a loser, far from it.

I am truly sorry you are struggling with Hashi's and as a senior lady myself I commiserate with a hug.


Joyla, I'm sorry if you read into my comments criticisms that weren't there. I'm sorry you don't understand the expression 'take with a pinch of salt'. But as I said before I didn't mean any harm to anyone. Quite the opposite. However, I am as much intitled to my opinion as you are to yours and obviously we are never going to agree so let's just leave it there, shall we?


Grey, I do fully understand the expression "take with a pinch of salt" just to put the record straight and it is not honest to disguise it, I could go on but agree to disagree. It is more prudent to conserve our energies for keeping well.


Joyla, it has just occured to me that we aren't even talking about the same thing!

I was answering Sam's question about the lipotrim diet. She was saying that the reviews for that product were great. I said to take them with a pinch of salt (and please don't accuse me of being dishonest, I haven't said anything to allow you to come to that conclusion).

Now, as far as I know, no-one else has ever talked about the lipotrim diet on this forum, but for some reason you jumped to the conclusion that my comment was about people who had blogged about weight-loss on this forum. It wasn't. Not at all.

I was - we were - talking about reviews of a product. Lipotrim. The manufacturer is hardly going to print reviews that say 'this product is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted and I didn't lose any weight on it!' are they? Therefore, one should take the reviews with a pinch of salt!

Personally, I take all reviews about manufactured products with a pinch of salt. My apologies to all the millions of people I've obviously insulted by doing so.


Do read your first post Grey, second paragraph and then give it a rest....



Lipotrim works very well indeed. Your metabolism doesn't slow too much, and you should have stacks of energy.

I lost 5.5 stone in 7 months even though hypothyroidism wasn't being treated at the time.

Hi did you maintain the weight and how did you discover hypothyroism ?

I discovered it about 20 years before anyone else... but it was Dr Skinner who diagnosed it.

I have gradually put back some weight - I started at 14st 13, growing out of size 20's (I'm 5ft 4)

Got down to 9st 13, size 10.

Today 12st 1. Size 16.

Weight gain was always due to a reason... half a stone due to a course of steroids (breathing issue - still no hypo treatment at the time)

A stone due to working stupid hours away from home, living on biccies during the day and hotel food at night - for 6 months.

Another half stone when I dislocated my shoulder.

Ok a stone snuck on. But its snucking off again now.

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