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Diet related

Hi everyone, I've posted before about weight gain and have also heard everyone else's stories and how unhappy we all are but I've recently lost 5lb in a week and just wanted to share with you guys.

I went to the dentist last week and weirdly there were two other ladies in the waiting room who turned out to be hypo. They were both slim though and told me they had put on weight but did the Dukan diet and lost weight so I'm giving it a go.

I am now on day 6 and can report a 5lb loss which is incredible as I have tried everything else and only managed a few measly pounds in a month (if that)

The Dukan diet basically involves an attack phase where you eat only protein for a few days pls 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran. I think this is very important as apparently it absorbs fat and lowers cholesterol. You then go onto the cruise phase and add vegetables every other day. So I make soups up and live on these!

Anyway, just thought I would report something positive because I normally only post negative posts asking for help!!

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Have you been prescribed the T3? Do you still have a thyroid? are you on Levothiroxine? how much?


I still have my thyroid, I'm hypothyroid, I take levothyroxin but not T3. I am due to see an endo in a couple of weeks so this could change but right now I struggle with weight loss but this as certainly shifted a few pounds!!


Debs, I'm hypo/Hashi's and find it hard to gain any weight whatever I eat. Any weight I do gain burns off in my sleep overnight. I'm on Levothyroxine at 125mcg and I weigh 7 stone 12. I don't know what more I can do to fatten myself up! :(

Jo xxx


Hi Jo, it must be equally awful for you. It's such a cruel condition isn't it? I'd love to be able to eat what I want and not put on weight and you wish to eat and get fat, lol!! We can't win!!


I've found that if I cut my calories down I gain weight!! Sometimes I think if one more person tells me to 'eat less and exercise more' I will have to punch them!! My problem is I don't eat enough!!


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