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What supplements can I take with carbimazole?

Hello, I'm new to this site. I was told i was over active Sept 2010. Been taking carbimazole since (been a bit forgetful over the last 6months - a lot on, starting a company etc)

Anyway I'm taking 10mg now, was on more originally

I've never taken any supplements (I'm 29 yrs old) and I tried last year with a multi vit, but made me sick. I didn't know it would react funny with carbimazole!

I've been suffering with joints/muscles in back,neck,shoulder,wrist,elbow due to my job and I'd like to take something for it like calcium/magnesium or something else, but I'm scared to death in case it makes me sick again.

Does anyone know what sort is supplements I can take and can't, I've promised 2013 is the year I start taking care of myself more.

I'd also like to know if other suffer with muscle/joint problems...sometimes I feel 90! Is it a thyroid thing?

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Hi and welcome to the club, there are quite a few of us here that are overactive on carbimazole and Im also now on 10mg after a year. Forgetfulness is part of it for me, any tiny distraction and I forget what I was doing/saying even now :)

This sounds so familiar, I thought get some supplements and boost up but I felt worse and got very sick so dont take anything over the counter anymore. I have been prescribed high dose calcium with Vit D (Adcal) due to loss of bone density but that made me even more sick to start with until they switched it to a dissolveable version and I haven't looked back, apparently you need the Vit D to absorb the calcium or there is no point, Im on 3000mg calcium/400mg Vit D a day and get it on prescription. The only other 'supplement' I take at all is 2 build up shakes a day as snacks to help with hunger and get some nutrients in as I cant be absorbing much with the speed everything is metabolised and I do tolerate those, plus if im nauseous and cant tolerate milk that day they can be made with water so I still get something in.

I also suffer with joint pain, stiffness & cramping which they say is due to the condition leeching everything away and take indomethacin which is a high dose anti-inflammatory NSAID as needed, was on 250mg daily but now I take 1-2 tablets a week and its definately helping me alongside the Adcal. Had them anyway from a long term condition which had resolved, asked Endo about it and he they couldnt do more damage and if they help then use them. Mine is my mainly fingers & knee joints and leg/lower back & shoulder muscles and as a manual worker none get much rest. At one point I was so bad walking I had to have a walking stick or someones arm to go anywhere, that crushed the pride alot toddering along with the pensioners going slower than they were but now im slower but steady so dont feel bad as you're not the only one and it's yet another symptom.

My new years resolution was to get on top of this and get well whatever it took, they say life begins at 40 and I got diagnosed with Graves Disease instead, hey ho tho.....theres always 41 :)


EDIT: Adcal dose is 3000mg/800mg......doubled the one dose and not the other, apologies



I have Graves and titrating the dose (being humoured by Endo :) . I have been on 15mg for the last 8 weeks and from today will drop to 5mg. I have taken supplements for years anyway as my eating habits have always been very poor but now I take more specific ones, recommended for Graves sufferers. Must say I have never had any problems with anything Ive ever taken.

Could it be something else in the supplement ie filler?


This is helpful to me too- I'm now on 10mg of carb a day and feel the need to supplement. if I don't get out in the sun (and let's face it, there's hasn't been much sun around lately!) I can feel myself crashing downwards. Weird stupid condition!


Hi I currently take 5mg of carb per day.

I am supposed to take iron due to reccuring anaemia but find I get constipated. Also took vitamin D for a while and B12 but to be honest got sick of taking them. Its bad enough to be on carb without rattling with other tablets too. Plus didnt get a great benefit from them all.


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