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Reflux and chest pains

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Hello and Happy New Year!

I've been posting on the asthma UK forum for a while about ongoing chest pains/breathlessness which have had me in and out of A&E for months. Now I've been told that it could be acid reflux (related to ibs) as opposed to asthma etc. Does anybody experience chest pains/breathlessness when they exert themselves too much/bend down or talk for long periods? I'm on PPI meds now/bland diet and have a gastroscopy booked in but nobody knows what's going on. Just interested to know if anyone else has these symptoms?

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Hi Helliwell, yes I can get chest pain and breathlessness, sometimes I’ve been so concerned I’ve almost called an ambulance. It’s really nasty and can be frightening. I’ve been on ppi’s for 15 years and I have Barrett’s oesophagus as well as ibs. You are not alone.

Yes, I occasionally get this too, where reflux makes me cough and a bit breathless. I am also asthmatic, but don't think the two things are connected.

Hi I have a hiatus hernia so have spent most of my life with these symptoms. As long as your gp is aware try not to worry.

Hi I have exactly what you have and do you know I'm trying to exercise more n changed my diet completely it's so hard I would have chest pains n awful reflux I'm on omperazole not doing anything I am overweight need to lose 3 stone really. I haven't had an upper endoscopy. Every morning when I get up I'm struggling to breathe with throat ful of mucus. Terrible nausea 24/7 I was just hold the other day I now have fatty liver

It's so frustrating isn't it, especially when you're trying to make changes. I'm on a low acid diet now but still getting the reflux. I think we should keep going with it though - might turn a corner. I got the upper endoscopy referral after the millionth trip to the GP.

I'm only into day three of changing my diet drastically n walking a lot more. So v v early days but I'm thinking it's now going to be a way of life for me eating healthy . How long have you been on your low acid diet? Yes I've been to the GP a few times was given omperazole 30mg and had ultrasound the other week. Saying now got fatty liver. When do you go for your upper endoscopy wishing you loads of luck. I understand with that you get results straight away so you will know what you are dealing with,

Sorry for the delay! I've only been on the low acid diet a few weeks but I've done it before and it helped. It took me many months (and patience) to see the effects. I also cut out gluten but I would check with your GP beforehand. I'll be honest, not looking forward to the endoscopy (had one before) but it will give me a clearer idea as to what isn't/is happening. Keep up with the changes and let us know how you get on :)

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