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What pain killers have you tried? IBS-D

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Im just wondering what pain killers others have tried?

Iv tried :

buscopan, Mebeverine, Audmonal, one begining with D,

Paracetamol, DF118, Tramadol

Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline

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you could try colpermin peppermint oil capsules

windsettlers, ive tried ,, did paracetamol work ? can u take if you have pain every otherday sometimes all day, is ok cheers valerie

Unfortunatley paracetamol doesnt usually touch the pain i get, Iv tried pepper mint capsules too :(

i thought paracetamol kill all pain 1 what kind of pain do you get ?and how often ?

I get pain in my lower abdomen, crampy constant pain, doubles me over and makes me cry kind of pain

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