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Does anyone else with IBS-D go very often? For me I pass stools at most 4 times a day, they can range between loose and easy to pass to diarrhoea. Does anyone take anything to help the IBS-D? I’m only 21 and it’s taking over my life. Spoken to my doctor this morning and they have no clue what’s going on and told me to get on with it… spoken to my Gynaecologist in the afternoon to ask about Endometriosis of the bowel and they told me they can’t do anything for me… I’m stuck. I can handle the Endo part… but the ibs side of things I feel way out of control. Low FODMAP diet? Imodium? Buscopan? I feel like I’m getting no where and my anxiety is so high to the point it’s making me feel sick. I feel like the doctors can’t take me seriously…

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Hi Emjay, I am sorry you are suffering. Sadly, it is quite common not to be taken seriously, certainly initially. I was greeted with 'if something upsets your tummy, just don't eat it' by a male GP at my first visit. I told him not to be so patronising. You may need to be assertive, and check on the practice website to see if there is a GP who has a special interest in the gut. This also applies to your endo. A while later, I saw another GP for the same issues, he admitted that he didn't know much about gut issues, but referred me to a gastroenterologist. If you don't feel confident in challenging a doctor, can you take someone with you for a bit of moral support? I hope you can get some traction with this.

Hi Emjay sorry u r having to suffer with this horrible condition and how u was treated by ur GP. I am like u I started with ibs about ur age and have had it over 20years now it doesn't get any better but I think u get to now ur triggers alittle better. I use Imodium every day to help with the diarrhoea and try and stick to the low fodmap diet as much as possible.

Hi,You could try probiotics to help your gut flora to recover.

I use Just for tummies Live bacteria and Holland & Barrett Acidophilus (3 billion) taken first thing with water.

Fermented foods like live yogurt, kefir, and kimchi also help.

The low FODMAP diet lists are good and there are apps for your phone to help you identify ‘problem’ foods quickly.

Garlic and onions are instant no-no’s, but things like cauliflower and mushrooms are surprisingly high- FODMAP.

I find that exercise helps - nothing drastic in my case, just a good walk every day, if possible.

Linda at Just for Tummies is an excellent source of advice and regularly blogs on IBS-related topics.

Hope that helps.

Don’t accept the diagnosis of IBS without being tested for all the other gut conditions. For this you need to be referred to a gastroenterologist. You are so young and don’t need to put up with years of dismissal as I was. My ‘IBS’ was eventually diagnosed, after 40 years, as Bile Acid Diarrhoea for which there is effective treatment. I mourn the years of misery. There are other bowel conditions that can be treated. Educate yourself about them (your doctor may not have heard of some of them) and fight for your health. Stay strong x

so very interesting that you have bile acid diarrhoea, I was diagnosed with bile acid malabsorption (bam), basically the same I assume. I was prescribed Olestyr, which is a sort of sand dissolved in water, not very effective at all. I've been at it now for 3 years and still no relief. Just had a colonoscopy, nothing unusual showed up and no other tests were ordered.What effective treatment do you have?

I take a different brand of colestyramine powder once a day in the evening. Have you been offered the tablets to try instead or played around with the dose of powders? Reducing your fat intake can also help, but I guess you’ve tried all that. Most of us have tried everything over the years!

Hi. I also have this. Diagnosed at 20ish by a doctor who really didn’t care and put me off getting further tests describing the camera up the bottom as the most horrific experience . I am now 45 and go to the bathroom 4 plus times a day and have been doing so for 25 plus years. I have no idea what my triggers are as it is just constant regardless of what I eat. Please please do not accept the diagnosis until everything else has been eliminated and then do not accept just a diagnosis, ensure they help with food plan etc.

do not go for the next 20 plus years living this way. (This is the advice I wish I had received at your age).

Hey Emjay, I am really sorry to hear that you are in the rougher end of suffering with ibs at the moment. But you've done the right thing of coming on here, seeking advice. We may all give you different things to try which is great but overall, just know that you're not alone in this.I would 100% ask your gp to be put on to Mebeverine. It's an antispasmodic which means that's it helps to calm down the spasms, which causes the ibs-d.

I was first diagnosed with ibs when I was 21 and I am now 32. There will be many days where I cry and wish that I was normal after suffering hours in the bathroom. But what has really helped is gaining an understanding as to why it is happening. The first thing any responsible gp will ask is if you have noticed a pattern. Does the ibs-d flare up after certain foods? So it may be worth keeping a good diary for the next month, to be able to keep a track of flare ups and what you had eaten that day.

Or, you could be like myself, whose trigger is anxiety. That is a harder thing to get a handle on. If you suffer with anxiety this can cause ibs. And the ibs, causes the anxiety. It's a horrible cycle. But this is why the support of a good gp is needed for you. They can put you in touch with well-being services in your area, that teach you the tools you need to help which is known as CBT or Cognital behavioural therapy. CBT has honestly saved my life and given it back to me. Ultimately though, if anxiety is your trigger, finding the route cause of that is key and understanding it.

Don't be afraid of this though. How you're feeling and what is happening to you, is a normal part of being human, it's taken me a long time to accept that. But you will be okay and this will get better. X

I have recently tried the low fodmap diet. I have found this is difficult but defo helps with my symptoms. Before this I was woken up at 5am everyday needing to run to the loo. It has also helped with the frequency and urgency of having to go. I really feel your pain, it is exhausting!!

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