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Fybogel for ibs?

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Hello, I've been taking mebeverine every day for the past 4 year, 3 times a day. And I have seen a huge improvement. However during warmer weather, for some reason, my ibs will flare up which happens every summer. I spoke to my gp today and he has suggested taking fybogel along side mebeverine. Does anyone else take this for ibs? I always thought fybogel was for when you had the opposite problem..

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I read that it's a laxative and is used when having constipation issues so could be helpful when you suffer from IBS C or IBS M.

Fybogel can help in either direction. It can firm up and regulate stools. I have taken it for this reason. It may be worth a try. 🙂

I have taken fybogel to relieve constipation and it has helped. It takes about 2 days to work. Take one sachet in the morning and one at night. Also drink plenty of water to avoid the opposite effect

Hi, I would recommend Fybogel. I used to suffer from IBS C, then I changed my diet to very high fibre, but vtoo much too soon and I went the opposite way, IBS D, on and off for an entire year, had to always be in close proximity to a toilet for fear that one time I wouldn't make it. And then I had the worst flare up ever, D up to 6 times a day, every two hours, and the GP prescribed me Fybogel. I had thought it was for constipation, but like another poster mentioned it works both ways. I have never looked back. Within 24 hours it was back to normality for me. No IBS D or C. It may not work like this for everyone but I can't recommend it enough. It was a life saver. I take one sachet a day after my evening meal.

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That's amazing I would have thought it was for ibsC as I have ibs D I might try that I'll try anything once, because as you know it's hard to know what works I know some of mine is stress issues but only got stress because of ibs

Fybogel blocks me up 😖x

Hi, I was in a similar position, and like you, couldn't understand it. My GP explained that faeces can become impacted so that everything behind can only pass by turning to diarrhoea, so it's really important to prevent impaction, hence the fybogel. Personally, I found Fybogel hard to take, and prefer Laxido, together with Mebeverine.

Do you have to take the 2? Fybogel and Mebeverine ?

You need to drink plenty ywith fybogel and need even more in hot weather. Just a thought

Was suffering from bad ibs-c. Been taking Fybogel every night for past 4 years on gastro surgeons recommendation after colonoscopy didn't find anything.

I take 1 Meberavine per day and this suits me very well. No flare up for a long time, fingers crossed. Best wishes to you.

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