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Codeine and Fybogel

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I'm taking prescribed codeine for tooth problems. Can I take fybogel to help the constipation issues?

I'm finding conflicting advice online.

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I’m not sure about fibre gel in particular but I suffer with ibs c and also occasionally take codeine for other painful condition , the dr specifically advised me to increase the laxatives I take during the time I’m taking codeine.

I have been advised to increase my laxatives, when taking additional analgesia, but the best people to bask are GP or GI team.

You need to find a pharmacist you trust. They often know more about interaction between drugs and how it affetcs the bowel.

Definitely speak to your GP or pharmacist for advice. I was recently told by a nurse practitioner that fybogel might be making my problems worse as it's a bulking agent 🤷

Fybogel can be prescribed for both diarrhoea and constipation- which in itself is confusing. It’s just fibre basically. Codiene can cause constipation. If the codiene is causing this I would lay off the fybogel and eat more fruit and veg, see if that makes a difference.

Speak to docs but mine advised to make sure I take my movicol/laxido that I am on to help things along and prevent further constipation.

Yes, my experience seems to mirror those of everyone else - I was given Fybogel and codeine to take after having my gall bladder removed five years ago, which implies that they are safe together.

I wouldn’t describe Fybogel as a drug - that’s the point - it’s a natural, high fibre product which, as others have pointed out, is prescribed for both diarrhoea and constipation. It’s available without prescription, which also implies it’s pretty safe.

Again, as others have said, check with a pharmacist, who will be at least as well informed as your doctor.

Hope that helps!

magnesium based laxatives such as collosan, mag0 colonclez etc with lots of water are best. They just create lots of water so stools pass easily and don't bulk up.

Prunes and Activia for breakfast and Lactulose for your laxative med, and you should be fine.

At least after years of experimenting this seems the best option for me.

For me, Fybogel just gave me massive bloating and flatulence and didn't help at all. Best thing for constipation is to eat moderately and have a 12 hour fast religiously every night. Don't eat after 8 in evening and don't have breakfast till 8 next day - or 7 - 7 whatever. This has helped me loads. And drink plenty water

Hi Delhi

I take fybogel morning and night and small amount of lactolose which stops me from getting constipated. If would probably work for you because I was on codeine once and it bunged me up to. 👍

Regards Kingfisher0101

Hi Delhi

I meant to say water is a big key as well I drink about 2ltrs a day. Without that I would struggle but I do eat a lot of fruit and veg as well.

Regards Kingfisher0101

Fibergel is just fiber and can bulk up stools. I would think if your taking codeine then stay off fibergel. Rather maybe laxido would be better. Seriously ask your gp.

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We suggest you speak to your GP and/or pharmacist.

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