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Anyone tried fybogel for diarrhoea?

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Hi all.

I've been suffering with sudden diarrhoea for about 6 months now, tends to happen suddenly, out of the blue about once a week. I was wondering if anyone had tried fybogel for a similar issue and how they got on? I know its primarily used to help with constipation, but as it is a bulking agent some sources seem to say it can also help with diarrhoea too. I know someone who says they use it for symptoms that sound like mine so I'm trying to be hopeful. I've only been taking it for a day so am yet to find out how it will affect me. Thanks.

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Hi sorry no real advice as I’ve only used it for constipation but prob best to get checked out to see what’s causing this first and maybe dr can give you something specifically that will help. Hope you feel better soon.

I agree with Summer4477. If you haven't been tested for IBS through blood and stool sample tests, it's time to speak to your GP to get a diagnosis:

Any changes in bowel habits must always be followed up with a doctor, since there are other things that need to be ruled out before making any assumptions.

If you are diagnosed with IBS, you can check back in here, since there is much that can be tried beyond fybogel to help symptoms.

Although I don't take it, a friend says it can cause stomach cramps.

Hi, I suffer from extreme bowel habits. One minute diarrhoea, then constipation. I take Mebeverine and was using Laxido until things got worse, and more embarrassing. My consultant wants me to take Fybogel twice daily. Only been doing this since Tuesday but it seems to be working. My problem is getting it down. No matter how well I stir and how quickly I drink it, I seem to end up with gel in my mouth. Does anyone have any tips?

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I stand literally by the tap and stir it in. Literally after every mouthful I’m refilling the glass. So it’s getting diluted at each stage and I’m continually stiring with the spoon. Done it for years such that I had to really think just how I take it!

Make it with warm water an get it down quickly

Thanks - I'll try that. I make my Laxido with chilled water, but never thought of warm. Does it dissolve better?

Yes l find it does tho must admit it didn't help me gave me bellyache

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Emubird in reply to juniepoonie

Just remember if you use warm water from the tap it has been sitting in the hot water tank and so won’t be as clean cold coming through continuously moving??

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Should use cooled boiled water

Thanks. Been using hot water from the kettle, then diluted with cold and it's slightly better.

I'm so glad it's little better. X

I have been to the doctor, with no answers unfortunately

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learning2me in reply to cassiex

Yes I'm the same. Rule out other things, so it's probably IBS. We'll give you all these meds so that you can try them, and self medicate. Go home and eat normally! Live with it. Not very helpful at all.

I use the diarrhea stop Diacalm instant just the cheap brand My mother's consultant suggested them for her diverticulitis They work really well and let you get on with your life and they are made specifically for the problem. Do try them and I hope they work for you takes up to an hour to work with the first 2, and you can take more if you need them just follow the written instructions

My doctor prescribed it for loose bowel movement and I believethat it helped

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