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Spasmodic pain and ibs d

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Im having alot of discomfort in my left side and alot of trapped wind, I've had ibs since I was 20 and now I'm 61 . Would fybogel help?

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Following this as I get left side/ flank pain every night.

I get this. I had a colonoscopy 2 years ago where it was found I had a very very (yes, repeated very!) loopy bowel right there. Bit uncomfortable as they tried to get the camera up - in the end I had to keep turning over and adjusting position to help the gastro. He said I get pain there as wind or waste tries to get through. I obviously googled it and in the UK they do nothing about it, in the US they'll do surgery! Btw I spent my teens on fybogel and it caused more problems and solved none so I'm personally not a fan.

Good morning Hollings. I totally relate to what you are going through. I was told the same as jnnmum as to why I am getting pain. Also, I was told that I have severe diverticula and have been hospitalised twice now with diverticulitis. I was put on 2 weeks worth of anti-biotic last August and since September of last year I have suffered from constant IBS problems. Every morning without fail I get a ‘lump’ in the lower left-hand side of my bowel which I have to massage for anything between 15-20 minutes before it starts to go. I am constantly on alert now as I’m never sure if it’s IBS or diverticulitis that is causing the almost constant pain. Have you been diagnosed with diverticulitis? Perhaps a consult with your GP explaining that the problem is particularly with your lower left abdomen which is where a lot of people have diverticula problems. My best friend is my hot water bottle which I seem to constantly have tucked inside my clothes.

I don’t know if this helped, except to say there is a 64 year old having exactly the same problems as you. I started getting problems at 18. Oh, and finally, the last specialist I spoke to said to take fybogel every day which I have been doing for some 4 months now. I honestly don’t know if it has helped or not but as it hasn’t exacerbated the symptoms I’ll keep on taking it. Note: I see you had a colonoscopy 2 years ago, so I think they would have flagged up diverticulitis if they had seen any. I hope you find a solution and if you do please let me know. I just want to cry most of the time.

I also have discomfort in my left side, like you have been suffering many years - now in my 60's. I suffer with constipation, but fybrogel did not help, in fact i was told it could make it worse as it causes a lot of gas. Laxido (movicol) is better but use sparingly.

Hi I have gone from Fybogel to Laxido as it doesn't give me as many cramps but I get my pain on right side I'm 63 and had IBS c since having my gallbladder removed.

I also take Windeze gel tabs for bloatedness (simeticone)

Hope you feel better soon.

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