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Can anyone recommend an anti spasmodic tablet. I do have a lot of other problems aswell like heart,Emphesema ,Reumetoid Athritis ,and under active thyroid .But my biggest problem funny as it may seem(or not so funny) is chronic IBS day in day out.Sometimes the pain and spasm are really bad.Ive been all through the NHS cameras up and down,also the Fodmap diet endless useless medication all to no avail.This has gone on for 12yrs and I'm still no further on.I am now turning to the general public on this site who understand where I'm comeing from.Any suggestions would be very welcome .By the way I'm IBS C and terrible spasm.This has totally ruined what life I do have left as it makes me feel so unwell.Sorry to go on so but I feel I have come to the end of the road and I'm turning to you lovely people for any help or advise.xx

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  • Try Coleraine also swimming and walking have helped me. Sometimes find though nothing really helps and just take pain killers, rest and wait for pain to ease a bit

  • I have had spells for years after going threw lukmeia I was on pain meds for 7 years I had little problems with ibs I lost my insurance and pain meds . all doctors I go to says bental is best but not for me

  • I'm wondering why you don't ask your doctor. It can be really dangerous to self prescribe when you don't know how your various medications interact.

    That said, Diocalm - generic name loperamide - paralyses the lower gut and may provide relief and is available over the counter. You do seem to have a very active gut from previous posts and I'm curious to know what the response has been from the medical world.

  • Hi fenbadger what I do is try and get some suggestions off here that my doctor or me haven't mentoioned then I run it past my doctor to see if it's suitable. But as for the medical profession I've been all through everything they have to offer and I now give upand I am trying to help myself.There response is always the same ( chronic IBS ) so iam at a loose end.

  • I understand all that. Trouble is doctor only gets 5 minutes with us. Yet IBS is fairly common. I'm lucky, loperamide works so far and I've had it years or more. Its a shame we have to do so much work ourselves. Did you get any luck with Kefir probiotic? I'm generally suspicious as the main beneficiary seems to be the manufacturer

  • I've just looked up Loperamide as the thought of paralysing my gut sounds heaven,but it's for D and I'm IBS C so probley do more harm than good . I am still looking into Kefir my doctors never heard of it,and my dietician recommended VS3# but I don't trust anything you can only buy off the internet.

  • Very wise. If our NHS doesn't support it I give it a wide berth, but that's not to say alternative therapies don't work - they do - I just like to be sure.

    I had a friend who was being treated with complimentary medicine for gastric problems. They missed the uterine cancer that killed her.

  • hi there have you had your gallbladder removed? look up sphincter of oddi dysfunction

  • Hi deverjade yes I've had my gallbladder out but I've looked into the other problem you put up before and I don't think I've got that but thanks for your reply

  • you are welcome. all the best.

  • I was prescribed Namenda but not effective. Peppermint works better. I have same thing with PD and it's a bummer :P

  • Thank you Pat but I've tried peppermint don't work and yes the whole problem is a bummer.

  • How did you take it ? I take tea, cough drops and apply peppermint oil to skin.

  • I took Colpermin capsule but they did no good thank you.

  • Most tablets are useless

  • I agree with all the people that suffer IBS in this day and age wouldn't you think they would be able to come up with some solution,even though we are all different I think they could come up with something

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