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Movicol - sticky motions!

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I have an ongoing problem with constipation which doesn`t respond to dietary changes. Fybogel doesn`t help either so I switched to Movicol. It is more effective but causes 5 or 6 mainly small bm`s each day which are "sticky" and it takes ages to clean myself after each one. This makes me very sore and has even caused minor bleeding a couple of times.. I see that one of the side effects is a sore anus! Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I was hoping to take a small dose regularly to keep things moving but because of this problem I am now only using it occasionally when I am particularly constipated.

(My problem is not that I can`t go to the loo for days - I go most days but have to strain a lot and can only produce a small amount)

Yes - I do drink plenty and Yes I have tried linseed, kiwi fruits and prunes! My constipation is linked to taking amitriptyline

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I always get sore after going a lot... Sudocrem is a god send

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