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Has anyone experienced almost passing out with ibs?


Hi all,

Ive had various scans and blood tests and a colonoscopy so its looking like ibs. I have experienced this 3 times prior to this evening..

I suffer with wind but tonight it was worse than usual, all over my abdomen on and off, i then had a urge to use bathroom, went no problems, the wind carried on. Once again i needed the toilet, when i got there i also felt like I was going to be sick. By the time i got downstairs for some water my hearing had gone and i thought i was going to pass out. The feeling has gone now but still have a sore stomach xx

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Yes I have collapsed at work, at home and in A&E. I was being sick and had low blood pressure probably through dehydration

I have never passed out but during a flare when the pain becomes a certain level I begin to feel nauseous and very cold but are sweating also. At this point I feel like I could pass out at any point until the flare stops and I can crawl back into bed.

Yes I’ve had such excruciating pain that I have passed out on a couple of occasions 🙁. Doc suggested this might have been a bit of diverticulitis...?

Thanks everyone. It wasnt pain i dont think, i dont know what it is, i do usually have blood pressure that is on the lower side of normal so maybe that could be a factor x

Ashweb901 in reply to MissEd

For me it's not so much the LEVEL of pain for me, but something about the nerves involved and colon spasms and their visceral location that triggers the faintness. Does that make sense? (And you're right on with the low BP making it easier to get lightheaded and fainty. My ears ring.)

MissEd in reply to Ashweb901

Yes thats what i get too! Well sometimes its more like my hearing going muffled?

Ashweb901 in reply to MissEd

Yes! And if I'm really really gonna faint, my vision closes in as well. I feel for you and me and all of us who go through this. I've even had it happen in a public restroom before. I end up looking like I'm having drug withdrawals!

Yes indeed. The pain in an attack is enough to turn me white as a sheet, profusely sweating on every inch of my body, and feeling like I'm going to vomit or faint. I have low blood pressure, so it's not hard for me to feel faint.

Hi Miss Ed. Have had IBS with vertigo with an inner ear infection. I fell out of bed and was too dizzy to stand and walk. It was diagnosed by an ENT specialist as an inner ear infection.

Fainting might be do to with ocular and aural migraine to do with balance or it can be related to anxiety levels and diet. After enjoying all the foods which are meant to be enjoyed and healthy, I found to my surprise that my diet was affecting my digestion so badly, I had to radically change it. I had some food intolerance tests through a Uk pharmacy chain, and had

many intolerances which are not readily recognised by the NHS. You can ask for tests for food intolerances such as gluten egg and dairy, but this is a limited spec for people who only eat these and nothing else and don't eat anything else.

It is a shame you have a test for gluten but you are normal according to the NHS test. As there are 27 different proteins in wheat, alone if you have multigrain intolerance, then practically everything you are eating can affect your digestion. No bread cakes biscuits, barley, in drinks or foods, malt from barley in vinegar, mayonnaise, Maltesers malt milk. No

rye and in my case no rice or maize, corn starch, corn syrup in sorbitol sweetners..

It does help to remove them all, but there are weak days when you turn back to a food and find yourself back to square 1. Having had a plethora of drugs for IBS, can say I am better. If I get a pain, then I take Cocodomol as recommended for IBS flares by pharmacist. I occasionally take fibregel flavoured sachets in a drink. I do hope you find out what sort of IBS you have as yours sounds more like IBSC with constipation. I tale an antihistamine daily and it does help, but cutting down dairy helps if you have sinus trouble.

I passed out in the loo , had a major urge to go to the toilet middle of the night came over funny and found myself on the bathroom floor. that was the 2nd time I can't remember much about the first , both times i was having issues with my Ibs at the both times i was having a alcoholic drink the night before. Since I stop drinking alcohol which could be my trigger device my Ibs and Acid reflux has ease off.

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