Almost had an attack - petrified to go out

Was on the train and almost have D come out! I was in a state of panic. I was already feeling sick and wanted to get home ASAP. I put my music so high. Started breathing. Praying. Tapping therapy. And thinking how can I cover this up if it comes?!! As soon as the train stopped (not where u was going) I got off and ran up the long escalator straight to the toilet and it was bad! Had I stayed on a second longer I would of gone all over the seat during rush hour! I take lots of Imodium daily but sometimes it doesn't work. The body wants what it wants. I'm terrified to go out again. Have you come close yourself?!! How can life be so evil 😓😓

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  • Always where a big pad if Travelling under threat,and am considering granny nappies,colleague used to use pampers and wear fashionable long skirt

  • So do o now!! Better to be safe than sorry although i.m afraid you csnt stop the smell!! Xx & a pack of baby wipes!!

  • Yes had same felt so ill and embarrassed had to use tissue and clench my bottom you must still go out don't be a prisoner

  • I also carry knickers & leggings too as well as wipes and a plastic bag to put soiled garments in. It helps to know I am covered as it has happened to me at least 3 times. I also take imodium.

  • you are not alone this has happened many times to me , and at my job giving me great anxiety! I try to watch my diet when I know I have to go out. as for my job I lost it due to my illness.

  • Hi I'm 15 and I completely understand where ur coming from I take Imodium regularly (a hell of a lot of it) and it doesn't work for me either well sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't I also take Mebevrine and buscapan along with reduce remedy. I have come close to that a few times as well and it is f*cking terrifying, it had happened when I was at school, in town with family, on the motorway, in tescos and it scares me so much I have developed slight agoraphobia (I can panic doing a simple food shopping run) I found that rescue remedy comforts me, it makes me think that it will help ( not 100% sure it does for me but it might for u) and just a few question.

    Do u drive? ( and if u do I'm guessing it's too far to drive which is why u take the train?)

    And do u carry Imodium with u?

    The thing that gives me the most anxiety it that I will have an accident and no one will be there to comfort me or if I'm in a car and they don't understand (in which case they may not stop the car) I will be a lot more at ease when I will be able to drive so I can leave when I want and I would feel more Incontrol with my body and where I can be.

    I found carrying extra underwear, trousers, 3 carrier bags, Imodium, having my phone on full charge (or if not bringing my changer) make me feel more Incontrol as well (I know carrying all of this takes up a lot of room but I would rather be safe then sorry also talking about what worries me helps such as talking a family member or a close friend and if that's too uncomfortable your GP will always listen (well that's there job other then diagnosing us with stuff and not being able to do anything haha) and of u still feel anxious about that letters to your GP or forums are even better and in a forum u get multiple replys in a day. Sorry if this message is very long and anything else u wish to discuss you can just message me. Thank you for reading and I hope u feel better soon


  • Thank you so much for your reply! I'm not alone! No I don't have a car. And only can work part time due to my anxiety and issues. I always wear a pad and carry a huge handbag. It's a shame that all doctors say there is no cure. 15 years on of trying everything -nothing is that strong. I take lots of Imodium and don't eat or drink before leaving the house. I have to be ultra organised in where I'm travelling so I can map out toilets. Hope something works one day for all of us 😬😬

  • Yh I do the same with the eating situation. Yh I hope they find something too haha X 👍🏻

  • Wouldn't it be lovely to go out feeling carefree? I don't have a colon due to cancer and I really wish they could come up with something better than Imodium. I take loads but it doesn't always work. In fact not at all lately. It is at least comforting to know we are not alone and others have these problems also.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about ur cancer and yh it would be nice to just live our lives without worrying x

  • Imodium makes me much worse with bloating and cramps.

  • This has happen to me on so many occasions I have lost count. Going to new places really throws me off since I don't know where the bathrooms are. I wear pads and carry travel baby wipes just in case. Hate it, hate it!!! I try never to get in a crowd. My oldest daughter just carries a small gym bag with extra clothes just in case. Something Im considering doing. I also have a very small dose of Xanax and just bite off a small bit to ease my nerves. You are not alone!!!

  • Its very comforting to know that we are not all alone, I very nearly had an accident at work yesterday, though I just had a wind build up but when I stood up I realised it wasn't and had to run to the toilet and just made it in time, so embarrassing and then felt quite anxious and worried about travelling home later in the day. I wear pads all the time when out and now got bigger pads.

  • Yes it has happened to me when going out. I went back home to clean up and since this incident I have been afraid going out I sympathis with you. Lomotil helps but now off prescription.

  • I never leave home without my "shit kit" small carrier bag with change of knickers, baby wipes a couple of doggie poo bags one in my handbag and the same in the glove compartment.And a small pouch with lots of spare Imodim! I have been cursed with this ailment for 30 years, omg that is the first time I have said that out loud. I would give anything to have a normal life, somedays walking the dog is a trial. But I live in hope and keep trying all the different diets to see if anything will help. It's been a help to know I'm not alone.

  • I know just how you feel. I have taken to wearing Tena pants now when I go out as I had an accident once and the pad I was wearing didn't contain it I find the pants stop it from soiling your clothes. I still carry wipes and spare clothes though just in case and I find it helps with the anxiety too.

  • I had the same problem and lost a job because I was so scared to go out incase I had an attack even though my workplace was 5 minutes up the road that I would call in sick and wouldn't leave the house for days or I'd have a panic attack.

    It's awful that it's not a medical condition protected by government because we would all feel a lot better then if it was understood as chronic.

    I've come so close sometimes that all dignity goes out the window and part of me doesn't even care if I had the accident in public cause at least then the pain would be gone - luckily it's never happened but it's funny how you think when in that situation

    My doctor put me on Antidepressants because I was too scared to go out and although I didn't really want to be on them they have definitely helped with the fear :) maybe they can help you too or anxiety tablets at least!

    Hope this helps x

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