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Has anyone got experience with candida

I have been told I have ibs for years with constipation very bad wind and cramp but lately everything has got worst and I think I have a candida overgrowth from the systems I have very bad wind, thrush, increased in spots and bad skin, bad hair, very tired and pmt. Does anyone got any experience with candida and how to get rid etc what does hypo mean from previous posts? Any good diets etc thank you

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I agree with Little-toad that you shouldn't self diagnose.

I'm personally very skeptical about the candida overgrowth diagnosis in most cases. I was diagnosed with this by someone practicing kinesiology, but since then I have joined the IBS Network and from what I've read it seems to be wary of kinesiology.

There's a very interesting post from The Angry Chef on candida overgrowth - angry-chef.com/blog/captain...

Good luck!

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Hello can I ask what sort of practitioner I would need to see and slow I thought the tests for candida where quite questionable and not accurate etc, I just feel so rubbish at the minute and every thing I try nothing works


Yes i got it through taking continuous antibiotics it kills all the good bacteria in ur gut... it kills u, i went to a nutrionalist and a alergist and was diagnosed with a big overgrowth of it.

I knew something werent right i was so ill, sick, ibs symptoms, i got food intolerances....

So with the help of the nutrionalist who explained candida lives of sugar and anything wheaty yeasty i gave it all up for 6 weeks... that was hard... and with help of the alergist he gave me cytoplan dogestive enzymes, a good probiotic and a tablet called " dida" which has all things candida hates in it.

I went on a full candida overhaul and 6 weeks later went back and no candida!!! And i felt really well... i still have food intolerances

Due to the antibiotics but they think that will get better in time when gut is stronger. I still take all my supplement to help it and have lowered my sugar but not cut it out all together now as that was hardest. I lived on low fat cereal, crispbreads and humous and steamed chicken and veg..

U will find it hard but do it u wont regret it and i feel so much better and my skin/ nails, hair and body look so good/ celluite gone and my face look younger and i lost a stone


I was diagnosed with Osephaegal candidasies two weeks ago was given Flucozanol for one week nasty side effects. I don't think it has cleared up as I still feel unwell. Nausea is one of my symptoms also having a restricted diet means I have lost weight. Thinking of going to a Homeopath or Nutritionist to see if they can help to get ride of this infection.In your experience do you feel generally unwell?


Yes I just feel ill all the timemails so tired all the time even though I sleep OK anything I try nothing works


I feel the same as you just so tired and fatiqued every day I wake up each morning and and feel so nauseas. Really don't know who to turn to next.Each day is a struggle. Just want to get back to feeling normal ,as I am sure you do.


YES! I did and definitely got relief after years of suffering. I take 2 different probiotics and a magnesium supplement that has made an enormous difference! :) Here's my email if you'd like more info on it... bethelisecurley@gmail.com I hope you feel better!


Try kefir, very small amounts each meal, too much in one go is rather powerful stuff, let your system get used to it.


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