I am having to take the prep stuff tomorrow ready for the colonoscopy. I am dreading trying to drink the stuff. I have bought lime, tropical and elderflower cordial all to try and mask the smell and taste and will use as much as needed in order to take it but have read people really struggle to take it. I spoke to nurse about the times of taking too so now starting at 3 instead of 5 as i would like to actually get some sleep!! I know i am going to be totally wiped out afterwards and wondering how long it will actually take to get back to normal again afterwards

Ugh worried

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  • The recovery is pretty quick. I took a day off work for the prep, one for the procedure and then another day because I had had sedation. The prep isn't wonderful - I'm not sure what I had but I was told not to put it in a plastic cup because it can melt the plastic! Good luck.

  • Thank you.

    Sounds nasty. Did you add cordial to yours? It is also a hell of a lot to drink in the space of about 5 hours. I understand the actual peocedure is the easier bit so here is hoping!

  • Hi I coulnt drink movie prep I had 2 glasses and its very lemmony; i felt sick after that.

    I rang them on the morning and told them : they just did an an enama so I still had the cammera Sigmoid.

    Some people are ok with movie prep BUT I usually take PIKLEAXE-which is better-for-me.

    Its only 2 cups of picleaxe !

    I just want to tell you the truth-get a sedation. I have had the sigmoid 4 times now and they dont always find anything

    Best Wishes x

  • Thanks for being honest. Oh gosh i will try the lemon first then as one batch is orange and the other is lemon. No point in going through one if i cant then manage the second dose. I better be able to take it as my parents are driving 5 hrs to be with me!

    Hopefully i will manage it as they said it would be cancelled if the whole dose isnt taken. At least i may be able to speak to a nurse on the phone in time if i struggle with the first dose.

    So it was the flavor you struggled with? I dont have a very strong stomach so i have my fingers crossed!

  • YES, it as a sort of after taste and it to me, was too strong; I started feeling ill !

    I rang the next day and they just said come anyway !

    It just goes to show that we get bullied.

    I have got pickleaxe this time BUT I had to ask for it this time; its just best to stay as relaxed as possible-be kind to yourself and treat yourself with nice things-not food tho.

    Afterwards reward yourself with something nice and tell yourself you did well !


  • Thank you, my main worry is being sick with it, as really cant cope with sick! Its a shame you arent allowed peppermints as they always settle my stomach. I have got anti sickness tablets so maybe i could take them

  • I would ring and ask about the anti sickness tab-if we drink all that stuff it will be washed away.

    I have a phobia about being sick now; so i would say first signes of sicklyness to stop

    Do keep me informed

    I have had IBS/D since I was 23 and am a gran and 58 now

  • They said i can take it but just not one hour either side of taking the moviprep. Yeah they said i have to stop taking it if i dont feel well or start to feel sick and then i will have to go in another time. I think a bih problem for most people is the sheer volume of fluid you have to take over what is affectively a short period of time

  • I dont think its fair if you have to go another time when, they just gave me the enama-I tell you -the tings I get away with :)

  • Hehe we shall see what happens. So far, and i have only just started but the liquid isnt that bad. Added lemon cordial to it and its ok. It will be the shear content i think that will get me.

    How much did you have to drink before it started to work?

  • You need to make sure you drink it all and stay clise to the toilet - I was all clear by bedtime

    Whatever symptoms you have will still be with you after the colonoscopy

  • Put the made up liquid in the fridge and use a wide straw (smoothie straw). I found it a struggle to get it down but worth it. Procedure ok. I had sedation.

  • Thanks everyone. Managed most of the drink in the end

    But i am meant to leave at 8:30 but i have woken up and still going to the loo! When will it stop :'(

  • good luck today I am having an Endoscopy today so wishing us both luck with the tests xx

  • How did it go? Better than mine i hope! They stopped it as was im so much pain. Having it under full sedation next time so will be asleep during the whole thing then wake up the second it is over

  • I had it without sedation and wished I had had it these procedures are so invasive not pleasant at all so sorry your test was so painful xx

  • How long did it take peoples bowel movements to return to normal after taking the prep?

  • Make sure you drink a clear Gatorade after each movement. It helps to keep your electrolytes in balance.

  • Sorry for the tardiness of my reply. This just showed up in my email todau6.

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