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Hi all had a virtual colonoscopy in December, however never showed bowel wall or lining, therfore when I saw a GI surgeon yesterday, he told me I have diverticulier pouches and I got to have a colonoaspy and biopsies in February. I am so petrified as I had one many years ago and my heart rate dropped and the pain was immense. I did explain that I've been told that I cannot have a colonoaspy as the risk to perforating the pouches. He explained that I be fine! Thanks for listening! Any advice?

Tea123 ๐Ÿ˜Š

P.S Happy new year everyone!

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Happy New Year to you too.

You've got my sympathy, I'm not sure I'd be happy with being told 'you'll be fine' if I'd been told in the past not to have another colonoscopy. Who was it who told you not to have another one and do you know exactly what it was that caused your heart rate to drop during the procedure?

Saying that though I'm not medically qualified so what do I know. Could they not find out the same information by doing a body scan of some sort that would be less invasive? I'm sure someone else will come along who knows more about it all.

It was a GI doctor who told me it would be painful as they have to get the scope around the diverticulier pouches. However the Gi surgeon told me yesterday that I would be fine! I think they want to find out what's happening in my lining and bowel wall, as chronic pain and diarrhoea and normal test not showing much apart from diverticulier pouches in colon, was told yesterday that it ain't the worse he seen!

Thank you, Happy New Year to you too.

Tea123 ๐Ÿ˜Š

Well at least l you ain't the worst he's seen - he sounds confident to say the least. Hopefully things will have progressed and maybe even changed a bit since you last had it done. He knows you had difficulties last time so he'll be prepared for you. It will be worth it in the end.

Have a Happy and healthy New Year ๐ŸŽ‰

You too. Thank you.

Tea123 ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Adele1 in reply to Tea1234

Also ask to do SIBO(small intestinal bacterial infection). It's a home breath test,n& you mail it back. Ask your gastroenteroligist about it.

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Tea1234 in reply to Adele1

Will ask but he was addiment I will have a scared. Tea123

Can you say only under a general?

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Tea1234 in reply to Purplewoman

No I asked they only do this for children.

Happy New year.


Believe what the docs tell you

I'm sure that you will have some sedation

Good luck and hope 2017 gives you some peace

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Tea1234 in reply to

Yes I'm just a big baby when it comes to procedures. Happy New Year.


I had one done and they found out I suffer with colitis, which I control by diet, no problems when I had one done, I did not even need any medication. At least if you have it done you should have details of what you are dealing with. Then you can begin to sort out your diet, have you tried keeping a food diary to see what triggers a attack. Best of luck

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Tea1234 in reply to elwins

Thanks so much. Happy New year x


There is a new test, to make sure you don't have cancer, instead of colonoscopy. The Dr orders it. It's a home test, where you send an entire stool sample with preservative back by UPS. It shows if any cancer cells have sluffed off, hence whether you must have a colonoscopy. This is easy, & if it's enough, can save you a lot of misery.

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Tea1234 in reply to Adele1

Yes that would be good; he weren't having any of it.... I'm petrified. Xx Tea123

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