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ibs symptoms

I am 73 yrs old and was diagnosed with ibs in 2008 after blood tests,endoscopy & colonoscopy after which my symptoms disappeared until 2016 they came back with avengence and I cannot get rid of my bloated stomach which I have all the time and stomach pain which comes and goes also episodes of excessive wind and sometimes pain under my ribs any advice would be appreciated

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Ask your GP if Mebeverine time release capsules would help you ease the cramping and wind

in reply to Linley

hi linley

I am already on Colfax which does help with abdominal pain.

I use Buscopan and find they help. And they are over the counter so no trying endlesly to get a doctors appointment to prescribe them.

Get the GP to prescribe you Colofac (Mebeverine), it helps

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Hi i take colofac every day and it helps a lot with abdominal pain i just can't get rid of bloated stomach have tried peppermint but this just gives me stomach ache.

Yes peppermint tea is good but not too much, it may be worth having a look at your diet

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Hi i am finding it hard with my diet as one day I can eat various things and have no problems other days I can eat same things which gives me bad stomach ache an thinking of going on fodmap diet

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