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Ibs symptoms getting worse.


I've has ibs-a since I was 14 and as I've gotten older my symptoms have changed drastically and worsened considerably.

I'm getting a lot of internal rectal pain and swelling which I thought was piles so tried otc creams but they don't do anything to help. On my last visit to my gp he prescribed scheriproct but that has also failed to do anything.(had scheriproct before and it did work). Passing stools are excruciatingly painful and I've passed a small amount of blood but very rarely, my stools aren't hard but very soft and difficult to pass which doesn't help. I open my bowels on average 5 times a week, upto 8 times a day which is now very normal for me. After food I get alot of reflux which I take omeprazole for but only when I really need it as I have had stomach polyps which were most likely caused by taking ppi's for years. I only get pain sometimes and a hot water bottle usually sorts it out for mr. So jot worried there.

I have wondered for quite some time now whether it's ibs or if , like many have been told this by my gp because they really can't be bothered. I have had a few sygmoidoscopies which only found diverticular disease when I was 29 and my last stool test showed inflated calprotectin levels. My rectal pain and swelling is not a normal ibs symptom and have wondered if its proctitis but I don't get many bouts of wattery diarreah which can be a symptom.

Any advice would be helpful or if you have something similar and have found a solution I would love to hear what it was and home you dealt with it.

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Go back to your GP or pay for private consultation if you don’t get anywhere. I’ve just done that after years of so called IBS I think I have Crohns as there is family history of IBD. I don’t have classic symptoms but every one is different so don’t exclude anything. I’ll be getting a colonoscopy in 2 weeks on the NHS as a result. Don’t suffer in silence or get fobbed off by your GP.

How are you? Did you ever find out the cause of the pain?

chubbylover78 in reply to Krn210

Hiya krn210, I never found out the cause of the pain and I haven't had it since. My IBS is still all over the place and is always worse during winter months as I have Emetophobia so my stress levels are huge lol

Krn210 in reply to chubbylover78

Ugh. I have been having pain much like you described. I was also thinking that stress may be a factor as I have been under a lot of stress. The joys if IBS. Lol. I am glad to hear that you haven’t had any more episodes of the pain though! Hopefully I will follow your lead!

chubbylover78 in reply to Krn210

Fingers crossed for you x

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