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Side sleeping


Hi all

Wierd one , last 5 months or so I’ve noticed I can’t sleep on my side

I’m mostly a back sleeper but start on side with a book

I Don’t get pain as such it’s hard to explain , from maybe throat down to chest it seems wrong /tight ? A bit hard to breath uncomfortable?

I feel I can’t go to dr and say I can’t sleep on my side he wil

Think I’m wierd

I make myself lay like it sometimes and then lay on back and it takes me a while to feel comfortable in chest again

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Hi, I think I can relate to what you are saying. As I am sitting here now typing this I have a feeling of pressure in my neck on my right hand side and it seems to travel down to my chest area and I do feel a kind of obstruction when I take a deep breath. I think it's because I am a bit constipated today as was trying not to go back to the loo, otherwise if I do it just goes on all day.

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