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Help need a s advice


Having a really bad time with diverticulitis and slow transit bowel . I feel it all stuck in my right side and back passage . Fed up trying to cope but it’s so hard . I’m on castellated 290 and I’m sure that slows everything down . But I can feel it all trying to move . I’m thinking about using a glycerine suppository to see if that helps . But I just don’t no . I’ve drank plenty but trying to eat is very hard . Tried walking and going up and downstairs no relief . . Any suggestions

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I would take Lactulose, to soften the motion, and drink plenty of water, at least 2 litres, and try to keep walking. If you feel you need a suppository to start you off, then by all means go for it, but be prepared for a lot of pain and exhaustion when you've finished.

Will try that but only got laxido . Will have to go get some .

I need to use suppositories most days to get me moving. It does help me so much.

Shadow19422 in reply to Angie11

I also use suppositories, not every day but a few days in the week, I find it works for me, I have tried all the other stuff and find these are the best, I sit and wait and then I go to the toilet, I hate going to bed feeling as though I need to go, I think the suppositories are harmless, better than all the oral stuff.

DTH123 in reply to Shadow19422

I used to use them too until a friend in Germany recommended Microlax mini-enemas. They're easier to use and act far quicker and more effectively. You can obtain them from many online pharmacies.

Readmeastory in reply to DTH123

I’ve just bought them but was a bit scared to use them . I’ve just got the glycerine suppository . To try do you just use enema and nothing else .

DTH123 in reply to Readmeastory

Yes, just the enema.

Do you just use a Glycerine ones as that is what I’ve bought .and do you use it at night or morning

What ones do you use .

Yes glycerine, I use it sometimes in the evening if I feel I want to empty my bowels, I am ok in the morning.

They are very good and safe.

Thanks as I’m sitting here think it’s all stuck and it won’t come no matter how much I push xx

Sorry about xx it’s just a habit 😂do you bowels move right away after you use it . As not used one before

I bought them from amazon, the glycerine ones, they also do some in a canister, I have just bought some more, after you put the suppository up your bottom you need to sit and wait until you get the urge, sometimes 10mins sometimes need to moisten it, I use rubber gloves.

Thanks will try that .

Thanks I will try that . I keep on replying to myself .

Do you go right away after you use them or in the morning If youuse them at night ..

I did the suppository held it in for 30 mins nothing came . But it might take awhile or just not work .

You need to hold them for at least 30 mins for them to melt completely. I don't think one suppository is enough, the nurses in hospital always use two at a time (even though the instructions tell you to use one!).

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