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GP states i have ibs!! please help

Hello all i am so out of my leauge on this one and i need help from this community,

let me tell you my story.

I am a 40 year old 6'1 , 19 stone male, i consider my self as fairly fit as i am/was a full time window cleaner.

3 months ago i was picking up driveway blocks and pulled my back out (lower lumbar) due to low repetitive moments so off i went to my GP.

I was prescribed zapain ( cocodamol ) and it sent me loopy i was out for 7 days sleeping all the time and really really depressed. i had night sweats and thought i was going to die!

I rushed in and out of the a&e as i knew somthing was wrong and they said i was just depressed due to the cocodamol... I went straight to the web and reaserched other motives, i had trouble passing on the toilet and found out i was really constipated, i took some laxiloose and it was great!! i thought im back to normal..

a week down the line i felt bloated and my my bowl movments where very noisey as gas or somthing else was rushing around, so i thought nothing of it and got on with my business.

1 week goes by and its still happening with stomach cramps loose stools and now i am feeling depressed and have anxiety due to problem that will not go away and leave me alone.

i have no rushing need to go to the toilet but i always feel bloated half way through the day, i cannot concentrate on my work and seems like i need to be in my comfort area 24/7,

when i sit down at my desk and sometimes standing i have a niggling pain in the middle of my shoulders and my lower rib cage this is prob because of my rotund belly. also i seem to be burping a little!!...

can or will i get over this hurdle as i feel it will totally change my life or am i being over exaggerating?

kind regards

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Pain killers can wreck havoc with your entire digestive tract. I would eat rather bland food, and wait a while. Don't take any more pain killers. I think it is too soon to assume you have IBS. If these problems don't clear up, or get worse, then see your doctor again.


thankyou for the reply b1 i have been off the pain killers since my back problem i think i only took 6 tablets a days worth i think if i have any discomfort i have paracetamol but limit my self to 2 tablets a day and this is only if i need it.

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"Doctors" unfortunately don't know much about IBS..constipation. Pain mgt Doctors won't help, because they want to keep prescribing opiods, how they make their money..I found out the hard way after being on even the lowest prescribed dose for nine years. Gastros are useless. Very rare..in this day and age who really listen and care.


Hi, jaxxxplay! Need to take a serious look at your diet. You can't be fit (or fairly fit) and have a rotund belly. 19 stone? Yikes! Message me (if you don't want to do it here) and let's start investigating. I think you're about to have your eyes opened in a good way. :)


Yes..I can relate, I took Hydrocodone, the lowest dose for severe degenerative back disease..and pain meds/Opiods are notorious for causing severe constipation. I was prescribed an over the counter stimulant Laxative called Senna-lax. It works, even for Opiod induced constipation. I tried Miralax, not strong enough. Fiber supplements, and Fiber foods only made things worse..just backed me up more. I did take Movantik, a prescribed medication (not a laxative) especially for opiod constipation, or there are others such as Linzess, Amitiza, Relistor (now available without an injection)..in tablet form..it works fast! Or Trulance. Then the bad part, after I went off Opiods, my digestion has never been the same. It's been two years since being off them but pain Doctors don't tell you this..I have lost 100 lbs in a year, cramping, even worse constipation and IBS, so if you ever come off them..just know that this may be a side effect. The Movantik worked the best, and stimulant laxative was the only thing strong enough, which was the Senna..


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