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My GP thinks it is IBS, but I am unconvinced

Hi all,

I have been suffering from lower right abdominal (illiac fossa) pain for around 6 months on and off now. I have been in hospital 5 times with the pain, as it gets so bad that only a lot of tramadol will ease it off.

This started as what my GP thought was a kidney infection, then gallbladder problems. Both ruled out, along with appendix, kidney stones etc.

After going through gyno (they thought I had an ovarian cyst, turned out just to be a stubborn dominant follicle, and gyno now say I am perfectly healthy from their point of view) and being rejected by the renal specialist (who thought it was a bowel problem), I am now trying various diets from my GP, who believes I have IBS.

At the start of January, I was admitted to hospital with a suspected epigastric hernia, due to swelling just under my ribs, and much discomfort. It turned out not to be, and they scheduled an endo. It showed the top of my stomach was not closing properly, and I have been prescribed meds by them, which has helped greatly with the burning and swelling there. However, I still have a terrible time with my bowels, switching between constipation, and bouts of really severe diarrhea. No blood ever, but a lot of mucus constantly. I have lost a total of 7kg since the start of January (although I was watching what I was eating,before the GP changed my diet).

I am absolutely miserable with this pain :( I am 21, in my final year of my degree, and am currently applying to start a new course in September. On days when the pain is worst, I can hardly concentrate, and running back and forth to the toilet does not help. I have kept a food diary for a month now (healthy eating and all), and there is absolutely no pattern to the food I am eating. I have never had bowel/tummy problems, always been able to eat what I want, so I am confused as to why IBS would appear pretty much overnight.

Any help/thoughts/anything would really be appreciated.

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Hi,Skybrink, I don't know how any GP can just say you've got IBS, that takes a Gastrologist, and even he won't say IBS untill he has ruled out everything with tests like Colonoscopy. I've suffered the dreaded IBS for several years now actually chronic IBS. I can honestly say I've had no end of tests,Diets,Gastrologist etc ect,and I can not find what causes my pain apart from onions. I also go between constipation and diareha . I don't think there's any special reason for it, I just think all our bodies work differently, so what applies to me may not applied to you or anyone else. But one thing I'm sure of is a GP only guesses, ask to see a Gastrologist . Good Luck.


Hi, you say you are unconvinced it is IBS - what do you think it is?

Your symptoms are pretty similar to my own with a few differences, had this since I was 9/10 years old - I am now 50 - the pain can be so severe I'm curled up in bed with abdominal cramps - crying in pain. I can go 14 days without a bowel movement or up to 10 times in one day.

I've never had an endoscopy or colonoscopy and never been referred to a gastrologist- GP prescribed one medication to relieve the cramps.

I can go from diarrhoea to normal at a click of the fingers - mucus then no mucus. My stomach can swell to a ridiculous size.

All this regardless of what I eat or drink. Though I now avoid citrus products of any kind - as it makes my condition worse (only I figured that out)

I already take heavy painkillers for a DIFFERENT condition (tramadol, pregegablin, codeine) - these painkillers have only been taking them for about two years.

Over the years kept food diaries etc and no pattern to why this occurs for me.

My sympathy to you - it's not pleasant I had this all through my childhood, my twin and I ate the same food at boarding school and at home - though only I was afflicted with this.

Keep us updated if you do find out what it is.


Just a thought - have you kept a stress diary? Are you worse when you have to get an assignment in? From reading a lot of these posts, stress seems to make things worse.

Keep going and remember you are not alone. All the best.


I understand how you feel, months and months I have been up and down to the doctors, last year I lost count how many times I was in and out of there! I am fed up with my doctors and have investigated a new doctors, I may well go there as my health is so bad, I can't stop thinking about this, you have 1 chance at this life and I'm going to make sure my health is right! I just want my health back and it sounds like you do too. Good luck, I hope someone sorts your health out as this sounds like a very severe problem compared to mine!

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I think you will have to be seen by a Gastro before IBS is confirmed. My pain like yours is in the RIF. When pain catches me in that area diarrhoea starts. May be worth while reading about the ICV valve if a Gastro confirms IBS. I do understand how you feel and I wish you well


Hi, i understand exactly how you are feeling. I started in january 2014 with what i was told was a dose of gastro. I have been admitted to hospital twelve times in the last twelve months with pain so crippling you feel like your dying. Ive had gastric scopes, colonoscopy, mri, ultrasound, xrays, the list goes on. And diet for me is pretty much like yourself, doesnt make any difference whether its fodmap, or normal. I hope you find an answer for your illness soon, and again, i undestand how frustrating and tiring it can be. Just keep looking forward. And if your not satisfied with an outcome or doctor, get a second opinion . Again i wish you luck.


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