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Do I have IBS

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Hi there. A week ago now I started with feelings of nausea diarrhoea and bloating. It has been on and off all week. For the past 6 months I would say I have been following a high protein lower carb diet. Including beans, lentils, turkey, chicken. I always cook from scratch so I dont eat processed meals. I am having ivf treatment (currently doing injections on day 4 of down regulation) in the last 2 months I have added in a organic whey protein shake every other day and following a diet quite specific for ivf. After 4 days of this i thought perhaps it was a dairy intolerance as I have been having full fat milk and yoghurt and protein powder has a lot of lactose in it. So for 5 days now I have gone dairy free. But symptoms have got no better as yet.

The bloating and pain is worse on an evening about an hour after an evening meal. Havent had any more diarrhoea although I have been going to the toilet more frequently. (5 times yesterday!)I get awful backache and sickyness too.

Today I have decided to go to a very plain diet. Small amount of porridge made with water. Piece of toast for lunch and then will be having turkey veg and brown rice for tea. I am hoping that just a few days like this perhaps I will feel much better again?

I have never had any problems with my tummy before, it was like it happened over night. I am also worrying with the effect it may have on my treatment as when I change injections in a week or so it can cause bloating anyway.

Anybody experience just a one off digestive problem or do you think it maybe worth calling gp?

Do I need to give a plain diet a bit longer? I have looked into FODMAP too and understand that there are many foods to avoid


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High protein might upset your stomach, but to be sure you need to go get it checked by a doctor.

Keep avoiding the diary and protein powder for sure. Try toast plain rice a little chicken for few days. Then slowly start introducing some veggies.

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Italy300618 in reply to Laxmik

Thank you. I'll try anything!

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Laxmik in reply to Italy300618

Please consult your gp as nausea is not a typical IBS symptom. Also try to read about the FODMAP diet. I would recommend doing it with a dietitian. As it’s difficult to do on your own. But first it’s important you get diagnosed with ibs.

I’d 100% mention to the GP or even a pharmacist may know

It likely is your diet as some of the things you mention do all sorts to the gut

Even if you can’t get an appointment, just call your surgery and ask them to pass a message to your doctor for a call back. Try the same with your chemist first as your likely to get a quicker response. They may also tell you to speak to the clinic xx

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Italy300618 in reply to OlsonM

Thanks lovely. I will call the gp tomorrow. I am scared of speaking to the clinic in case they want me to stop my meds 😥 talk about great timing ey x

Hello, someone suggested nausea wasn’t a symptom of ibs. I suffer with nausea with it. And on the NHS website it states nausea can be a symptom. Just didn’t want you to start worrying. I’m not saying you definitely have IBS but wanted you to know your symptoms fit the criteriaXx😊

Thanks very much for your reply. I had thought I'd seen on the internet that it is a possible symptom, thank you for confirming xx

I have IBS - what I would say is that bloating/wind, and in my case IBS-C (Constipation) does make me feel

Nauseous. Have your symptoms checked out; it’s important to rule stuff out and also to see if you’re having an interaction with your treatment.

I would agree with runningmum.I have had ibs for many years and nausea is one of my unpleasant symptoms.good luck with the iv

Thank you very much x

Is that inflammatory bowel disease , you will need a poo test then s colonoscopy to see where it is , then medhication

Hi. I was told I had IBS for many years. It got worse to the point I was having diarrhoea multiple times a day and being sick. Anyway long story short, I had various tests, a colonoscopy (clear) but then had a sehcat scan and was diagnosed with bile acid malabsorption. Please look at website for info. GPs aren’t clued up on this and put a lot of bowel issues down to IBS. You need a referral to gastro.

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Italy300618 in reply to jbrking

Thank you for the information I will take a look x

Hi it sounds like a one off stomach upset if you don't usually suffer with stomach problems. If it's the same in a week call the gp, but in the meantime, carry on as you are doing, simple plain food and no dairy I would suggest. Good luck

Thank you, that's what I am hoping too! I've definitely seen an improvement these last couple of days x

Hi I would recommend seeing a dietician and talking to your doctor they can refer you to one normally. The fact you were having a lot of whey protein and lentils and beans could easily cause an upset in the bowels. All of those would be dangerous for me to eat. I would talk to a dietician as soon as possible and keep off the dairy if you can - almond milk and soya milk and coconut milk are all available, so there is plenty of choice of non dairy milks just make sure you talk to someone professional about diet changes.

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