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Egg sulphur trumps!


Sorry about the trump posts recently!!

Does anyone else know when they are going to get a bad belly when their trumps smell of eggy sulphur?? If so, what is this, is it a food intolerance or my anxiety, because I smell an eggy fart I get all anxious and bring on my own diarreah!? So fed up of this ruining my life, feeling very down and sorry for myself now! Annoyed too as I felt ok earlier! Then suddenly felt a bit tingly all over, had a rumble down there and now, I've just had to dash to the loo! !! And know full well this is not the end!! Immediately cancelled all my afternoon/evening plans 😰😰xx

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Hi Flik22.

Have you tried taking peppermint tablets when this happens? This helps reduce my wind a little when I have bad bouts.

In my experience bad smelling wind doesn’t actually equal a bad stomach. I usually get a bout in the evening every so often but the next morning/day my BMs will actually be Ok (?!)

It could well be your anxiety causing your upset stomach - which is a catch 22 of course!

If you think it might be a food intolerance - go back over your day and write down everything you ate each time it happens.

Good luck!

Hi, it sounds horrible but sometimes I get sulphur burps, rumbling stomach and I know I’m going to be ill and really sick! Don’t know why x


U need to have a food diary but also add what ur belly was like that day to...

So put everything that u eat and drink and if u have a good belly day write it in diary “ good belly day” if u had bad belly day ur start to see a pattern arising.

I know mine is egg, brocoli, cauliflower garlic, onions, spice, dairy and gluten. Oh and baked beans....

So i stay well away from all of them and i can honestly say its worked!

U just have to learn ur patterns know what upsets u.

If i get sulphury trumps it coz my bellys rotten as in ive eaten something i shouldnt have.

Also a good probiotic, peppermint capsules and digestive enzyme help with ur digestive system and keeps good gut bacteria

Hey thank you for your reply, yes rotten belly is what I always think too! Hate it!! I do keep a food diary, with a smiley face for good days and sad face for bad!! I have started on bioglan and need to get myself to a health food shop for digestive enzymes and peppermint! Hopefully

I'll get there today!! Xx

I get this too and go though phases. For me the sulphur wind is most of day and night at moment. It's really bad. This latest bout coincides with a new medication I'm on. Not quite sure how it could make my guts turn that toxic. It is frustrating. I'm going to try keffir . Is yours any better now?

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