Hi my consultant has recently suggested that i have IBS but i am unsure of the diagnosis and wondered if anyone can advise me further. 3 years ago i was admitted to hospital with diarrhoea and along with that when i belched the smell was like rotten eggs in fact i could clear a room it was that offensive. i had camera test via the back passage and down my throat which showed nothing, the diarrhoea eased so i was discharged with no answers. over the next 2 years all was fine but for the past 12 months i am having constant diarrhoea followed by constipation and the recurring rotten egg smell when i belch, i was wondering if any other IBS sufferers have the smelly belch as well? i constantly suffer 2 days of been constantly on the toilet then 4 days of not going then the belches start as if my stomach is full of rotten food or stools as you can imagine it is really getting me down it is causing me to have time off work and my quality of life is zero my consultant has no answers other than IBS. My only salvation is if i take pepto bismol it cure the smell for a day but then its back again. Sorry for been so negative but i am at the end of my tether and im sure there must be treatment out there if the NHS bothered to look?

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  • Hi,have you had a colonoscopy,because in my opinion it's the only way to diagnose IBS ? If it is IBS I think it's a bit all hit and miss for what suits you,as all our bodies work differently,especially with IBS. It could be Stress,Reflux,food intolerances,or a Disfunctional bowel,ect ect. But don't sit back push for answers. Take care

  • Try gluten free. Lactose free. Onion free. It just may be one of those . If no difference try Fodmaps diet

  • Before your symptoms began had you travelled abroad? The rotten egg belching is a major factor in the diagnosis of giardia. I was finally treated for this after paying to see a private consultant who specialises in parasite infection. All of my IBS symptoms have gone and I have my life back. It may still recur but I know that the antibiotics are available to finally get rid of this. I have researched this extensively and it seems that many people are told they have IBS but in fact have this very common parasite in their gut. It is widespread in India and many other countries and can be picked up through contaminated food or water and can even from swimming pools. It is also common amongst people in this country who work with children and are responsible for changing nappies. Please do some research yourself and see if your symptoms fit this problem. The NHS stool tests are unreliable and give false negatives. If you think you have giardia I urge you to keep pushing for treatment. Please contact me if you need any advice.

  • Hi, I have just been told that I have giardia. Could you please give me the details of the doctor that you saw that treated your Giardia?

  • Hi, I have recently been diagnosed. What treatment did you have if you don't mind me asking?

  • One more thing. If it is giardia and you have had it for 2 years you will almost certainly be lactose intolerant so try cutting it out completely. This is temporary and will go once you have been treated a d your gut had healed. Good luck. x

  • Hi Amanda Thanks for the information i have been to see my GP and he agrees it could possible be Giardia and is going to supply me with the antibiotics will keep you posted thanks again x

  • You have described my symptoms almost identically....I have had various tests and also been diagnosed with IBS. I am now under a dietician and am on the FODMAP diet , it starts with an 8 week elimination phase, but for me, so far so good. I know stress is also a factor, but it does feel like a vicious circle when it's your eating and drinking that's stressing you out! good luck .

  • The smell of rotten eggs is classical for bacterial overgrowth in the stomach, which may be caused by lack of acid secretion, caused either by taking acid blockers, gastric atrophy related to pernicious anaemia or an infection.

    I swim every morning in the river and twice just before Christmas last year and the year before, I developed similar symptoms to the ones you describe, nausea, flickering pains in my stomach and diarrhoea with rotten egg burps. It cleared after taking nothing but hot lemon by mouth for three days. Giardia is still a common parisite in the UK especially in areas where sheep are grazing. Moreover it can form cysts which can survive in cold water. They turn the sheep out on the fields by the river just before Christmas. Giardia seems to inhibit acid secretion and encourage bacterial overgrowth.

    I hope you are feeling better after treatment for giardia. if not, you may need investigation and treatment for bacterial overgrowth.

  • Thanks will keep you posted x

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