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Flare up for Christmas “great”

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Had Chinese last night, ate it like a pig now oh now am I paying the price🤦‍♀️Just 1 Christmas I would like to not be on antibiotics and in pain and feeling like sh*t. I just feeling sorry for myself and needed to vent. I know you all knows how I feel, I’m so sick of being sick. When oh when is this going to end. Sorry for the non sensical rant. My family are the here we go again type, like I want to be like this. I’m so low and down at the moment, sorry to trouble you all with this. I just needed to vent to anyone that would listen

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If you are so sick of it why put yourself through it. You know the cause, you know the solution, you made the choice. Sorry, not a lot of sympathy. Sooner or later you will make better choices when the need to be free from the outcome of poor choices, out weights the lust for the cause of the problem. Simply put, self control.Let's hope you learn from your error and have a better Christmas ahead.

Believe me you do wake up one day and put your health first. I still fall off the wagon occasionally, but those occasions become fewer as the need to be free of IBS grows.

Cheers and stop beating yourself up.

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Well that told me!🤦‍♀️

in reply to Cimmy

Sorry to have been so blunt. I'm sure I have not told you anything you haven't already discovered. Hopefully you will get to the point that it becomes second nature not to be tempted with the forbidden fruit, so to speak. It is certainly not easy to just look and not plunder the foods that cause you issues. The anxiety from beating yourself up over the mistake also feeds the IBS. A vicious cycle.Take care.

Hi, I have not been diagnosed with IBS at the moment but am suffering with long term diarrhoea. I had a colonoscopy last week which was clear except for a single diverticular. So more tests needed before I can get a diagnosis. I can control my symptoms by diet, I have gone from regularly going 10 times a day to just one or two by recognising what sets me off. In my case it is all fruit except blueberries and apples. It sounds like you need to make a food diary and then eliminate all foods that set you off. I will not touch anything that is likely to give me symptoms it is just not worth it. A moment of the lips for days of illness. Take care x

Chinese caused my last flare up too. It doesn’t seem that greasy when you’re eating it but there’s just something about it that irritates me, perhaps it’s the things added for flavour. It’s tricky because if you don’t occasionally eat something that might cause you problems you feel like you’re being a pain to the people you live with right?

When it comes to take aways I’ve found there’s really not much that doesn’t cause regret the next day- it sucks.

Stay strong xxx

Cimmy, you’re human! The “ate like a pig” did make me chuckle as it is so real and most people can relate to it! The frustration that others can do this and not suffer to the degree you have is real, but sadly no easy solution than abstinence. I do hope your after effects have settled.

Take care and maybe a plan in place for when you are next tempted 😉🤞🏻x

Oh Cimmy, how do we control ourselves. There we are having a lovely time, eating some delicious meal and feel so good about it all. Then several hours later our guts pay us back for enjoying ourselves.! No free time with this. Your family are not being very sympathetic. We are here. We have been there, and still travel there. Its ok.

Try not to be so hard on yourself, It does not help and makes you feel worse in the long run and more likely to repeat it. Its not good to be on antibotics long term, you must be feeling awful. Are you trying to balance the gut bacteria, so important if your on antibotics, I can not tolerate them at all.

Hope you feel better soon, and be kind to your self

I’ve stopped the antibiotics, don’t think I can tolerate them myself, I will carry on with other medications and see how it goes, it can be any worse than I feel right now. Feel like giving up altogether. On that sad note, merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year. Thanks for your king reply

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Should say kind reply🤦‍♀️

I know how you feel, but it can improve. Have the doctors given you Membervine? I find that really helpful, and also cutting out the main offenders - which for me are onion, garlic, leeks and Apples or anything high in fibre. I really hope you feel better soon and enjoy Christmas

Best wishes


Hi debs, yes I have been on mebeverine for about 3 years, it doesn’t do much to be honest my main symptoms are nausea, reflux and a nasty metallic tastes in my mouth, I think it is more acid reflux which I already take lansoprazol for, and I drink gaviscon like I used to drink wine🥴, I just get very down with it all and I’m so fed up of feeling like crap to be honest. Thanks again for your caring reply, it means a lot Merry Christmas deb

Take care


Bless you Linda, I am so sorry I have no words of wisdom to help. There are other meds the doctor can give you, maybe they should be looking at changing that. Acid reflux is nasty, I was treated for that for a good year before I worked out that, for me It was the opposite problem and I had low stomach acid, trouble is the symptoms are so simillar. I will get my IBS book out and if I think of anything that can help, I will let you know.

I really hope you can feel better soon, more recently I have been looking at yoga that helps calm the bowel, if we worked out why our bowels were inflammed, we could go back to eating what we liked and you could enjoy your chinese

Have a lovely Christmas

Best wishes


Hi Cimmy,

Venting is normal & good! I'm recovering from a flare-up just over a week ago & I'm feeling sad & frustrated that I haven't had the energy to told all the things I'd planned on preparing for Christmas.

My IBS was very mild for ~20 years but this year I've been constantly ill. I'm having to adjust my outlook to acknowledge that *I have a chronic condition*.

I'm sure it will improve as I manage it better & hopefully when I can actually see GPs in person again & maybe get a referral! But there's had to be a shift in my thinking. I had to acknowledge that carrying on as normal with what I eat & drink isn't an option. At least, 'normal' is going to be a new & different normal. That's taken me quite a few months.

It's also normal that people respond to venting with advice. But it's often the worst time for us to hear it! I like to give myself some venting & moping time knowing that when that passes I can be 'grown up' & think constructively again. So take a couple of days to be kind to yourself, and be patient with yourself & your gut.

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