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Excessive period pain

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I'm suffering really bad this month with period pain. Two days now and I'm bleeding so much, pain is intense, IBS is worse than ever.

Have recently had tests for ovarian cancer, thankfully all clear. I'm 50 and menopause is kicking in badly. I'm at my wit's end every month and it's really kicking me about

Does anyone else feel the same every month?


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Hugs xx I used to but was lucky I had an early menopause. It is really hard and brings you right down when you have both. My IBS always got worse when I had a period. Sorry I don’t have a miracle cure, just pain relief, hot water bottle and bed rest. Drink plenty of fluids if you have diahorea. Keep pestering your GP I suppose.

Good afternoon

I am so pleased you posted this. I am in the same situation and after eight months, my doctor has finally agreed there is a link. I have been offered the coil or HRT to try and regulate my hormones in a hope that my ibs d is a little better. I am nearly 46 and it has taken my months for the doctors to help me. I was told to try calcuim suppliments, carbonate, but they have not helped, so I am going for the HRT in the hope that it may assist me. Please do not feel you are alone and I hope you feel better soon x

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