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Excessive gas


Anyone have a tips for excessive gas particularly at night. It is my only IBS symptom and have had every test & remedy imaginable and nothing can solve it.

Any ideas or anyone suffer from same problem?

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Hi BBEliza25

I suffer with indigestion too bad keeps me up at night !! I do try eat healthy and cut out all processed food but I had slot of caffeine they do say if you get fast can get indigestion think I need to look at diet more !

Hi I am exactly the same much worse in the evening, I too have tried everything nothing has worked so would be interested in any help or suggestions good luck and fingers crossed

Ginger, activated charcoal, bananas.

Try those for a week or so , but only one at a time.

Im jealous that its your only symptom! Usually garlic and onion do that to me (and greens). Is it with any food?

My IBS is also mainly about excessive gas (beside few other strange things). However, there is nothing to be jealous about if the problem is severe, believe me. Thankfully, I'm now much better than I used to be.

Can you give us some tips on how you improved it ?

Anonymous4321 do you mind me asking what the few other strange things are? I ask because I have some really odd things going on and I keep trying to find people with similar symptoms. I have like panic attack symptoms (sweating, shortness of breath, shaking, fast heart rate) before a bowel movement and after I have a lot of rumbling and gurgling and still some anxiety and then it all settles.

Anything similar? Anyone?

No, I don't experience anything like what you've described.


mrbiff in reply to Sasical

All the time... I thought I was alcohol that caused my IBS. Quit drinking 4 years ago an it has just got worse. Same as you. Extremely constipated at night. Marijuana helps ease the body an sometimes relieves constipation.

Hi I suffered with this for years then a gastroscopy camera investigation diagnosed H Pylori infection which had caused GERD & Barretts Osophagus. If you havent yet had any camera investigations insist on it. I evidently left mine untreated too long hence causing damage to my osophagus. Apparently H Pylori and GERD are both common in thyroid disease. Good luck in getting this sorted.

Odd that its your only symptom. Maybe you need to adjust your diet and eat less fibre or less sugar

Look up foods that produce gas and eliminate them.

Eat slower and try drinking mint tea after

I have what I call leaky gas so I do not feel it this is my only symptom

The thing I find helps the most is having a strict diet and wrting a good diary of what you eat so you can correlate it with when you get the problems.

I find milk is not that good for me so I have coconut milk. Also I never eat sauces or heavy meat or anything with a strong flavour.

Hi, Alice. Actually, I also got to the point that I started noticing "it" getting out involuntarily, and this is what finally made me report this to my GP, who after trying some medication, told me to do colonoscopy.

The weird thing is that, even though colonoscopy didn't detect any serious abnormalities nor causes of my problems, my symptoms have been way less severe ever after - right after the colonoscopy, I felt like I'd been cured.

Unfortunately, later the symptoms came back and have stayed with me till today. However, the symptoms have never been as severe as before the colonoscopy.

Well, they say colonoscopy is worth having even for people who don't have any problems, so definitely try it if you haven't already. ;)

Hi, I had the same reaction after a colonoscopy - ie it pretty much made me better, but this was just for a month or so, it was explained to me by the specialist that it was the “honeymoon period” after the bowels had been cleaned during the colonoscopy and in time day to day eating had built back up the system causing symptoms again.

Yeah, though I think its probably the preparation you do before cleans the bowels up, not the colonoscopy itself. But yeah, its just a temporary reward for having a colonoscopy lol

Astrantia in reply to alicemarsh

Hi Alice, I cancelled my first colonoscopy appointment because I was anxious about having it and worried I wouldn’t make it to the hospital without any mis-haps following the bowel prep along with all sorts of other reasons I made up to justify not having it done. I was eventually persuaded to go through with it and found that all my anxiety was unfounded. I had an IV sedative and did not feel a thing, the whole procedure was over quite quickly. There was no embarassment, and my personal dignity was maintained throughout. The cup of tea and biscuits afterwards were very welcome.

alicemarsh in reply to Astrantia

Did it show anything in your case ?

Astrantia in reply to alicemarsh

Still waiting for results.

Oh wow I guess it cleared a lot of stuff out including old bacteria. I am not brave enough to have that though but I do keep trying things. The main way I deal with it is by being careful with diet and also doing pelvic area exercices.

Come on, you can't be afraid of it - they say the rate of death caused by colonoscopy is way below 0,1% and the risk of developing colon cancer is 5%. So do you prefer to die of cancer?

You can do it, Alice, I believe in you ;)

No I have had a barium enema and it showed up nothing. I am happy to keep trying the things I am as I do not think I have cancer and have talked to a specialist. I think healthy restricted eating and exercise is the best for me.

The one thing I do want to try is a special Kegel machine that can be used for that area.

Well, if you don't want...at least you've done the barium enema.

BTW, do you think exercising the Kegel muscles can help with gas?

It’s called the kegel 8 if you put it into google and it tightens up the muscles around there. I leak gas so o can’t feel or stop it till it’s too late. I also have a weak pelvic floor.

I have read the bit about it and it sounds just what I need but I have been a bit worried about using it.

It is the last thing I was going to try.

Ollie2 in reply to alicemarsh

I know how you feel re colonoscopy a lot people tried to get me to have it. In the end it was the consultants secretary who got me a cancellation and I only had a 5 day wait. I kept myself busy and was strangely relieved to be doing something positive. As Antrania as said the procedure was quick and dignity was respected. Afterwards I was proud of myself, and as the consultant said there was nothing sinister there I was relieved.

I know how anxious you feel about it.

I was told I could start the perp a bit earlier and finished earlier, believe me was well empty going to hospital - no chance of accident

Looking back now the hardest part is making the decision to have it

Hope this helps

I was so afraid of having one and worried about it for years and I mean years every day. finally I had one within this year and it was fine. I was asleep before I knew anything happened. My IBS is so bad that at least I am relieved that I know they didn't find anything .

I wish you strength!


You see, Alice, there's nothing to be worried about. ;) Imagine that I had it being awake and manged to get through; though, I definitely recommend being asleep as its not a pleasant examination.

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