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Struggling with Pain

Hi All,I haven't put a post on here in a while,so here goes.

I'm not really looking for advise on tests,diets,insolence tests,books or Fodmap diet,I've been through all of that without any help or relief. What I'm asking is has anyone found any medication,apart from the usual,Buscupan ,ect ect.

The pain I feel is daily,but as the day goes on the pain is now getting unbearable .

I'm seeing ANOTHER specialist in March,but I'm really struggling with pain. I have on average about 4BM a day and with each one,the pain gets worse.

Any suggestions I know I'm asking for a miricle , but I'm really in a great deal of pain.

No good me seeing my GP either because he's no help.

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hi Gemini171 have you tried co-codomal, diazepam, nefopam, tramadol, there all good for pain take care hope this helps Alan


Hi bigalan,I've got Diazapam ,co codamol isn't much use for Stomack pain it can make it worse ,but I have tried it to slow my bowel down,but don't work.

Nefopam,I've not heard of,and I've tried Tramadol . Diazapam helps at night because it helps relax me,so I find that a help. Thank you.


hi the Gemini171 your very welcome if i can help you anymore you know where i'll been take care Alan xx

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Yoga breathing and hot water bottle

Hot whiskey ,water and sugar or gripe water

Stay flat on back for a bit

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Hi,I have hot water bottle,it's a help,but not much,I can't have alcohol because of other meds,or I would try brandy in warm water,my mother inlaw swore by that,and I give gripe water a try last week.

I have found staying flat on my back helps for a while. Thank you.


What kind of pain? I assume gut pain? But honestly I get so many different kinds of pains I need to ask what type?

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Do you get back and side pains at all not much is said about this


I have back pain daily. Radiating pain left and right sides with varying levels of change over the course of a day. I also have massive neck and shoulder pain but while I think that is not directly related I know it makes everything worse.

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It's good to know there are others out there with this problem I get very worried that it could be something worse even tho my doc assures me it's not .


Oh you are not alone, well or its just us two. But hoenstly I have all kinds of chronic pain issues, the real question is does chronic pain cause IBS symptoms or does IBS cause chronic pain symptoms. After 20+ years of dealing with both daily, it is a constant struggle to remain positive about a solution, but when you stop fighting then it really becomes an issue.

As my great Dr told me once years ago when I asked if all this could be more serious after not getting any test results that had any ideas of the cause he told me - if it was more serious it would have shown itself by now or you would be dead.

While that is a pretty candid answer and not what anyone wants to hear, it is pretty much true.

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I am at the realative beggining of this. I am in the process of being diagnosed with post infectious ibs. As i have health anxiety its a pretty scary time.


I wish I was at the beginning, I would have done it differently and seeked more help early on to solve the issues or at least allow me to better control them.

Thou I am not sure 15 years ago we had anywhere near the resources you have now to pull from.

Between all the options now - I pick medication last as it seems to kick my butt with side effects. But to each their own for solutions.

Find a good Dr, one you can talk too as in some cases you will know them for years till you find a solution, or they might pinpoint the issue quickly.

Many good drugs out there for post infectious IBS.

PS: we all hate being sick and we all hate dr's - when you stop doing either of those then you are an entirely different problem - that of being a hypochondriac.

Make sure you clearly state your symptoms in an honest way to your Dr's - they need to know - if they do not seem to care - LEAVE - find a better dr.


Hi bburzycki, I would just like to ask if this post is referring to me.

Just in case it is ,I have suffered this pain for at least 12yrs,and a hypercondriac I am not,I thought the idea of these forums were for people to try to help each other not be rude. My GP of 15yrs retired he understood me perfectly,and if you've got a good GP that will listen then your lucky and you don't need to be on here. Every GP in my area is full and can't take anymore patients.

I've tried to be polite,but if you had half of the mistakes that me and my husband has had to put up with,you would be bitter..

I am far from a hypercondriac .


No it was replying to the reply from R1ck88 - Stating the word hypochondriac was a generalized warning more than anything. I have had several Dr's believe all of my issues were caused solely by my need to see dr's, that could not be further from the truth as I hate dr's and being sick.

I think the main cause of most frustration with IBS issues is solely not having symptoms that show themselves externally are are easy to perceive and in turn fix.


I'm sorry,my mistake,and I tend to agree with you.

No one seems to be the same,so maybe difficult to find the root cause.

Please accept my apology, because it was on my post I thought you were referring to me.😀


No issues, I understand the frustrations, I live them like you and everyone here does.

Gut issues are extremely complicated and very hard to diag properly.

You just have to stay at it and be that person that asks all the questions till you get answers.

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My pain is in my pelvic area, but it can go all underneath into my vagina and in my bottom. Also in the groin. And it's none stop moving it never seems to settle down.


Hi, I have only just read this thread,so I am be a bit behind. As I have said elsewhere on this site, I really believe that we all have very specific, clearly defined, different problems, but we all share a huge range of shared symptom.  

My pain, like yours, is daily, and can be pretty much anywhere, but tends to be upper colon radiating to hips, occasionally waist, "back pocket" area, and yes, groin pain. Headaches, and deep depression before all of the nasty things were ruled out, when I paid to have private ct scan, colonoscopy with biopsies, endoscopy and range of blood tests. It was all moving far too slowly for my liking.

Our problem is that this thing won't kill us so we're all considered unimportant by the medical profession. And yes, I am a little bitter, having developed this thing at the age of 68 and expecting more from a health service into which I have paid all my life.

I am now helping myself through yoga, acupuncture, diet and trying to relax but it,s not always easy.  Good luck to you all, one day maybe people will start to listen........and, it costs us a fortune into the bargain! 

No biker

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Hi Nobiker,Firstly thank you for the reply after all this time.

Well in my case this began for me about 12yrs ago,which would have made me 60yrs old,I'm now 72yrs old and I can't get them years back obviously,I don't think I need to tell you how my quality of life's been. Like you along the way,I've paid private too.

I've also noticed changes as time goes by,mainly the pain is getting stronger.

Anyway to get up to date,I seen a Colectrecal specialist two weeks ago,who suggested another colonoscopy,to which I refused because I found it painful. ( Not to say everyone does)

So he then suggested a Colonography CT scan,he explained what it consisted of,so I agreed ,to which I have in two weeks time,which is pretty quick for the NHS. This is one test I haven't had and since it's not to intrusive,then it's worth a go.

This is how me and my hubby have spent our retirement,like you we have also paid into the system.  If your talking about being let down by the system,I could write a book on being let down,and yes it's not life threatening,but it's also not IBS,the clue being in the S,meaning somethings not right,they just don't know what,that's why we've all got different symptoms.

      I think I've ranted on a bit,but like you I feel my life

        Has been taken from me. You take care and good 

                               LUCK. 🍀🍀

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I take Spasmonal 120mg 3 X a day, prescribed by my Consultant. I'm sure your GP will prescribe them though. These have replaced the Busopan & I find them much better when having Spasms.

I only take Panadol if the pain is still there.

To drink I have Camomile Tea which helps with bloating too.

Try these & see how you get on.

Good luck.



Hello Hobbies,That's another one I haven't heard of Spasmonal,so I'll ask my GP about that,camomile tea,I do drink as well as ginger,and peppermint,I very rarely drink ordinary tea. Thank you.


Like you, I am really struggling with the level of pain - very hard to sleep at times. I take Ibuprofen and Paracetamol together, and that helps. I haven't taken anything with codeine in it . I have just started using an electric heat pad - ordered from Amazon - and find that better than a hot water bottle in some respects.

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Hi,I take Temazapam for bed,but even with that I struggle to sleep,like you the pain absolutely rules my life. I do use a hot water bottle,and I take Diazapam and paracetamol ,but I can't say as anything is much help.

The pain seems to be getting stronger,and I've usually got quite a high pain barrier. But Thank you.

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I find that 1000 mg paracetamol with 30 mg dihydrocodeine taken 3 times a day in conjunction withe buscopan helps me. Hope this helps you, best of luck Jackie



sound rotten. iv had ibs for 25 years. my best pain relief are ,Buscopan, Paracetamol. If really bad and keeping from sleeping i take codeine, small dosage as codeine and Ibrobrufen, Tramadol all bad for ibs sufferers.

Heat pad helps if groin spasm or in back,ribs area. hot water bottle on groin. yoga twisting round sitting on floor or if possible deep relaxation hard i know when in pain. i find white wine or ginger wine sometimes helps.

massage to groin also can ease it. iv even found s.x can relive it as it gets brain to read pleasure sensations and you cant feel pain and pleasure at the same time!

at least this can get you off to sleep.Of course you have got to have a willing partner!

Hope something On here helps you. i think over the years some things work then dont and visa versa.

my local baptist minister suffered with ibs and one day a near stranger came upto him and told him he would be free of it...and he has been ever since!

i will pray for you if you would like me too



Hi,Yes it is rotten,I'm getting to the end of my tether,just daily pain,it's totally taken over my life for the last 12yrs,I have some serious health problems but if you tell anyone how bad I suffer with IBS it's just "is that all"

I can't have alcohol because of other meds,but I do drink ginger, peppermint and camomile tea, but I've yet to find somthing to stop or reduce the pain. Sometimes I feel as though my bowels are going to burst out of my Tum. And I look 6mths pregnant. But Thank you for your help.

Oh and all the people that pray for me I ought to feel wonderful.


I really can really relate to your pain. I have pain everyday.


It,begins to get me down from time to time,I actually wonder sometimes if it is IBS.


Hi Gemini71

I can't tell you how important a great brand of Vit.C in high doses is,I take 3000mg in the am and 3000mg at night...great to reduce pain and inflammation (may help with the bloat),also get a bottle of liquid magnesium I take a tbl spown in the am and another at night. These two work well together.

Also if you can have parsley which is OK for most ibs sufferers is to boil up a bunch of washed-up parsley in a big pot of water for a good hour then chill the water and drink a cup 3 times a day...it's quite nice...even if you don't fancy it ,its easy to drink...

This is a natural anti inflammatory ...

Great luck with this Gemini71 you will be amazed at what Vit C will do for your pain...and it doesn't take long.

Vit.C is very safe in high doses.

My husband is on heavy heart medicines and he incorporates this exact dose.

I hope you find relief in this.



Thank you so much,I'll give that a try,I'll try anything to try and stop or reduce this never ending pain. I don't have vit C tablets but I do have lots of natural vit c in fruit and veg. Thanks.


I know what I'm talking about and vit.c thru veggie or fruit is never enuf!!!

If anyone has ever suffered with gout pain knows how debilitating that can be and Vit. C takes their pain away in hours not days...

Pain medicine will constipate you and then you'll have to sort out that problem then.

Please keep it simple and go buy yourself a GOOD fresh brand of Vit.C!

I know people think WHAT! Vit.C??? That's too simple an answer...Don't fall into that group who only want the help of a medical physician...



Have you seen a nutrionist?. Can you get to see a specialist for digestion.Without knowing your other health problems its hard to suggest anything else.If your doctor cannot help you-is it time to go private?. its amazing what can happen when your paying yourself- Im afraid our NHS Is underfunded,Poorly managed and most Staff are poorly rewarded. iv known cases where seeing a specialist privately has suddenly ,made a treatment available on the NHS !



Hi there sometimes we can have fermentation in our gut and bowel, to get rid of this I took garlic and parsley tablets for a month, 2 a day along with a good probiotic and lots of water wishing you well


I have the same problem. Daily stomach pain with the occasional pelvic pain with bowel movements. I've found changing my diet helped drastically. Still figuring out what I can and can't eat. I would only recommend taking pain pills every other day. I had to take tramadol twice a day to help with the pain, for a couple of months. When I tried to cut back, I started having horrible withdrawals. Worse when I also have stomach pains. I'm on week 2, and slowly trying to taper off. I hope you find relieve!


When I say I've tried everything I have,I've travelled all over the uk seeing different Gastrologist with different tests,and ideas. So I get quite offended when someone tells me I haven't tried everything,it's also cost me a lot of money in useless private tests,and consultants.


Hi Sam,I'm sorry if I misunderstood you. I can now see where your coming from. I've just briefly read the link you put on,and I will no doubt have a chat with them.

I've had Emphesema for over 20yrs,so when I get a chest infection you can imagine how many antibiotics and steroids I've had over time,plus antibiotics for other infections. Just like at the moment I've got a water infection,so more antibiotics,but they kill me to take now because they make my pain worse,and my GP has now given me 3 different ones,and I really don't want to take them,I'm struggling with as much pain as I can cope with anyway.

But I will read the link through and probably chat.

So thank you.

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Thank you,I've got a Skype chat tomorrow ,so I'll let you know what I think,or how I get on.


Hi Sam,well I had my Skype chat,and he thought I was to complicateing so he's putting me in touch with someone more experienced. So it's wait and see.


Oh and just to add,I am also sick of people who are trying to sell me some miraculous cure,if it can cost you £300 to get cured,why can't the NHS do the same cure. So please don't try and sell me a cure,I've been fooled far to many times.


Please Gemini71 I know I sound like I'm being your pain in the butt but since you are in the UK I'd like you to look for the NANO brand of Vit.C. ..I'm in Canada and it's only on amazon,but my husband is from Ireland and his family send this product here to me....AMAZING!!!

Is what it is...nano also has a product that has glutathione in it....also AMAZING...

I feel your frustration , I'm being a pain in the butt because my advice is going to help you and this is so frigging easy...please don't wait another day...look up nano vitamin Pacs..it will blow your mind Gemini71!

Stop hanging on to the life jacket when I'm giving you the lifeboat!!!

You might have to get the nano product online in which case go get a different brand until the nano arrives...

I can't wait to hear back from you with grand excitement !!!


I will give it a go,I'll try anything,I'll let you know how it goes.


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