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PAIN!!!!😳😳( women does ur ibs inflame on period)

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Hi guys

So i been pretty good at keeping on top of my ibs , goin gluten dairy free blah blah but this morning god knows what gone on.

So i woke up and felt a pain in left hand groin, didnt think much of it, had cereal then the pain become immense as in doubled over sweating couldnt move being stabbed pain.

I had my no2 and still pain so bad i had to lay on landing massaging my belly for about 15 mins then the pain went.

Ive been with backache and my stomach is really muscular hard as in where it hurt so much my muscles must of tensed up that side all feels hard like i got abs whereas the other side feels squishy.

Does anyone else get this pain every now and again?

Is this normal and if so remedies please,

It has happened to me a few Times now but i dont know if this is IBS and this is normal??? The pain?

Also i seem to always have flare up of ibs when im due on period or on period in first couple days.

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I had 8 hours last night of horrific constipation.left me sore..weak & all my joints are on fire today. I took every laxative there was in the house! I don't have diohrea anymore just constipation. I don't have periods so I can't comment. Hope you feel better today x


My bowels are always horrific on period, was told it was because my womb is tilted backwards and when it swells up it can press more n it too x

Lulububs in reply to Hidden

Oh god how weird i got a severely tilted womb to so mayb that my problem!

This happens every time im due on,the pains crippling then i πŸ’© and it goes alittle then it kind of brews up again and il have it again.

Then it goes after a day. Then il have it on first day of period to like in full and bloated then i get crippling belly ache and think it period pain which half prob is but then il πŸ’©and feel ok again...

The pain is horrific ! Like double over crippling sweating i must b dying pain

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Yeah I just had all my blood and stool samples come back as normal so been diagnosed with IBS, struggling with the constant pain in my side that was previously thought to be endo, but right before my period my bowels are awful (such as right now) and I feel really heavy and bleh

Lulububs in reply to Hidden

Oh seriously we could b twins!!!

This happened to me from nowhere about year ago i ended up in a&e the pain was so bad, had emergency laparoscopy as they thought cysts or endo but nothing!

Had colonoscopy again nothing( they were looking for diverticulitis). It was all normal.

All my bloods and stool test normal.

Saw gynae i have got very tilted pelvis and womb which i didnt know meant anything? As in would it cause any probs.

I have noticed pattern though it happens just before i come on ie pmt time and on first day im on, i feel bloated sick and the pain in my left side is crippling.

Was u told what can help u?

Im having womens health physio so they massage all round groin and stomach which helps as used to get bowel pain ALL THE TIME.. now it just once twice a month( alway period time).

I take some pepto bismol usually helps have u any help to stop this.

I am gluten and dairy free have been a year now so know it not that

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I find not eating so many other things helps, just discovered red meat is off the menu after 2 nights in a row in crippling pan after meatballs! Also got rid of fizzy drinks, caffeine and trying to cut down on leafy greens and carb overload too, which is proving tricky, but in being referred to someone next month to come up with a way to get round it. Other than that I neck peppermint tablets when the pain is in my bowel or antacids when it's in my stomach x

Lulububs in reply to Hidden

It always in my bowel never stomach.

Do u take buscopan or anything?

Im bit stomped as to why this could happen coz im so good like u but i have had steak and roast beef the last two days do u think that could b it???

The pain u get in ur colon bowel is awful isnt it?? Honestly think it hell!

It like my bowel just wants whatever in body out NOW and it feel like i been poisoned till it out.. this morning i was laying on the floor crying with pain in left colon /bowel

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I only take peppermint tablets when it's bad but might all change after I've seen the doctors.

Could be the meat but everyone is different!

Mine is never really diarrhea just really bad bowel ache and horrible noises!

Lulububs in reply to Hidden

Oh god the noises!

Last night i kept my other half up with the noises.

Angry stomach.

Who are u goin to see?

I saw a gastroentologist , she told me buscopan and mebervine but never explained how or why.

Hidden in reply to Lulububs

Not sure yet, meeting with the GP to discuss where to go next after negative results but she said it can be managed with diet or medication. Think they'll just get me to keep another food diary and identify all triggers and keep away from them, because since coming off the pill and starting a new, less exhausting job, I've felt pretty much fine apart from what I eat something I shouldn't x

Lulububs in reply to Hidden

Yeh same here. It a hard one isnt it...

Thats why its kinda done my head in abit today as i dont know where or why it happened?

Only thing i can think of is the red meat as i generally dont eat it but i have three times this week

SueMount in reply to Lulububs

I feel the same. I think my body hates food, it just wants to get it out as soon as possible.

Yes my IBS is always worse the week of my period. I get terribly constipated the week before and the as soon as my period stars I go to the loo constantly. Starts off with cramps and a lot of hard work going and then turn to D.

Lulububs in reply to SueMount

Oh it awful i hate this... i dont get it very often now as i do control it but every so often i will get it and it comes over me so quick, one min im fine next im literally laying on floor crying coz the pain in my colon or groin area always left had side is so bad i dont know what to do.... it goes onces i πŸ’© then builds up again and again goes when i πŸ’©. So on so on through day. I find pepto bismol helps but ive never tried anything else.

Just wandered if im a rare case with the extortionate pain?

It nearly makes me faint it so bad.

I know it nothing bad as ive had every test goin but it still dont help that it still happening

SueMount in reply to Lulububs

Sometimes I get really bad pain, it comes over me all of a sudden. I sit on the loo , I get really hot and sweaty, like at hot flush and feel like it might pass out or throw up. Then as soon as I poop it goes off again. Its like a massive squeezing cramp. I need to drink more water the week before my period to stop dehydration. Your body takes fluid to your uterus for your period so body gets dehydrated in other areas e.g bowls.

Lulububs in reply to SueMount

Yeh i think to tell truth i

Was so anal( excuse the pun) when i first got it. I went gluten dairy sugar processed food free and i also only ate little and often as i was Told my colon couldnt cope with big meals and i stuck to it like glue but since xmas the bigger meals started creeping in so i gone back to little and often as of today.

I was also told to always have a glass water after meal to help flush it through system and stopped doin that to.

So as of today i need to start being more aware again i think.

SueMount in reply to Lulububs

Yes little and often does help and yes I am also processed food free. I makes a big difference. Hospital appointment on 18th. Fingers crossed they will want to remove my gallbladder. Keep to your strict plan (it does help) and go to see your doctor.

I eat alot of fish turkey and chicken with mostly every meal. Eat ALOT of spinach and all other veg apart from brocoli and cauliflor ( they upset me).

I dont eat any dairy whatsoever to tell truth when my dr said no dairy i though no dairy meant no dairy? Do u think any other would b ok?

Most of the stuff i make or do buy is with coconut oil. I cook with coconut oil to.

No red meat no pork... now stomach decided no hummous?? My diet literally getting smaller and smaller and so am i

Yes they can remove it if its going to make me feel better.


Coconut is my go to for most things as i have to b abit careful as i am anaphylaxis to shellfish and seafood so anything with some fish oils i cannot have as some do have traces of these in.

I can have fish thought but it the oils i have to b careful with also vitamins as some contain it to.

So not only do i have ibs, fibro( or eds ) i also have to b careful with what i take.

My whole family are severely alergic to it so no shocker i was brought up knowing what to look for but since i had the antibiotics that gave me liver failure i have gained alot of other alergies i never had before... i never really had ibs before , yeh i had dodgy stomach now and again but nothing major until i took them. Im hopeing il kind of grow out of it lol. Mayb give it year and my body will get stronger and all the other things will b able to b intorduced in.

I eat mainly plant based ie with butter milk yoghurts custards all the basics.

Cococnut oil is my go to oil and i make my cream cheese with that.

Everything else i eat bland and boring im afraid, lots of spinach, cale, spring green,green beans, salads, chicken turkey.

Even given up pork and red meat now.

I do not like cheese at all never have. Only cream cheese and i can only just stand that...

Lucky i love fruit, veg and salad

I just read that article on the hormones WOW it is so relevant to my symtoms...

When i first got crippled over with this pain i ended up in hosp with suspected endo and had a emergency lap, they found nothing!

I also have to see a womens health physio as my pelvic floor tight and my psoas and sciatic nerve all tight.

When i have a period i generally get a flare of ibs aswell just before! It like all my colon, uterus and muscles become so tight it cripples me.

The womens health physio massages it all out and things have got 60% better.

It is a vicious circle with me as one seems to start other off

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