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Foods to bulk stool



I'm after some suggestions of foods to help bulk up stool?

I eat a lot of rice bread oats bananas chicken and tuna!?? I'm dairy free too!

Too much fibre is a big no no for me 😰 Anytime I go off track and eat something other than above I have flare ups! About 2/3 times a week I have days where I can't stop pooing and it gets looser and looser and ends up as diarreah! I then take immodium /pepto bismol and co codamol, go back to rice and chicken etc start to feel better eat something else and bang back to diarreah 😰 My anxiety is horrendous because of it, I don't want to leave the house but know I have too!

So basically after suggestions of other foods to eat other than white rice bread chicken tuna and oats!??

Many thanks for any advice 💕💕xx

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You don't want to "bulk" up your stool too it can enlarge your colon and damage the thin walls of it. Also, "bulked up" stools have to travel "up" the Colon..making it harder to have a bowel movement, and all that "bulk" has to come out of an opening no larger than a quarter, causing hemmorhoids, painful bowel movements such as straining, fissures, etc. I'm glad you are staying off fiber, as it can make symptoms worse. You can read more about this called "The Fiber Menace" on very interesting read. Have you tried probiotics? Such as supplements? You want your stools small, easy to pass. Many people think they "have to have a bowel movement" every day or "large stools" because we are getting incorrect advice and outdated, debunked advice from Doctors and gastro's. Can you work with a dietician on some possible ways to help without fiber? I hope you get to feeling better. ☺

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Hello! Awww I only want to bulk them up a bit! I'm so fed up of having very loose poop/ diarreah! I don't know if my doc will refer me to a dietician, I could always ask at my next review! Xx

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Okay, let me know how it goes..☺🌸

I had chronic diarrhea for years and could barely leave my house. My doctor prescribed Welchol and it stopped all diarrhea in it's tracks. Expensive here, though (US), so he switched me to just as well. These 2 drugs are bile acid sequestrants and are sometimes used with statins. They're also used to treat type II diabetes and are prescribed for chronic diarrhea with people who have had their gallbladder out and are having diarrhea problems (my case). Anyway, tell your doctor you'd like to try one of these. Keep me posted!

aren't oats a type of fibre ?! my mother eats them every day so that she can have a BM easily !! so , may be the oats are hidden trigger that you're unaware of ??

i realized that your food is very limited just like mine ..if i get out of track i should be ready for a D-isaster ..not once ..not twice ..multi hours stuck in the toilet until my system is totally empty !! what a life 😣😷

Even if i adhere to my usual strict very limited diet ..i will have multiple bouts of bathroom trips which include ( all the numbers 🙊 you know what i mean )

my psychiatrist prescribed me " Dogmatil " which greatly firmed things up for me ..which is one relieve ..but i still have issues with the multiple times that i need to "go" with the sensation of incomplete evacuation ..he suggested prebiotics ..which i will try as soon as i feel i'm ready " so scared to start something new that will drop me back to square one " so until then i will post my experience with prebiotics in the hope it will work for me ..ask your doctor about dogmatil " in U.K it's called Dolmatil ..might work for you as your symptoms are nearly the same as mine ..Good luck 🌸

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