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Smelly and persistent gases

Hey there everyone

I"m 26 years old male who is currently suffering from persistent and smelly gases everyday i"m athletic and my diet is healthy but somehow i feel something is wrong i did a colonscopy and it was normal so my doc diagnosed me with ibs I don't understand i have gases and I don't have alot of bowel movements so i guess i"m also constipated but the weird thing is when preparing to colonscopy i had to follow a diet for 3 days (low fiber) and at that point i felt better but this type of diet is mit healthy what can be my cause for this problem i"m hopeless

My diet currently

Protein sources

Cottage cheese



Whey protein shake or bars



Carb sources

White rice

Rice cakes

Fruits and veggies

High fiber bread


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Hi Amir,

I think you've answered your own question here and it's because you don't have regular bowel movements which is at the root of your problem.

You need to look a bit more carefully at your diet, e.g. try brown or wild rice instead of white and cut down on cheese.

It's also the case that a low fibre diet suits some people better than a high fibre one, we're all different and what suits one person doesn't necessarily suit another.

You could also try laxatives although you'd need to experiment a bit with these as some of them can cause wind and gas.

Hope this helps.



Hi Amir,

I agree with the other post that you should take a look at what you are eating. No diet is healthy for everyone - we are all individual and have individual needs. Diets high in protein are known to produce lots of wind and can give you smelly breath too!!

Give it a try to change it up a bit adding lots of veggies which might help with constipation too!!

Good luck


Hi there, I also suffer with IBS C and having looked at your diet above what is standing out for me is the Whey protein shakes or bars (I have read a fair amount lately that Lactose can be bad for those with IBS and Whey protein I have been told is a source of that), veggies - I cannot eat sweetcorn, raw onions, raw carrots, eat very little broccoli and don't eat cauliflower. I have also read on there that some people cannot eat oats even though they are listed on the okay list for FODMAPs. I have recently been eating a lot of homemade sugar free flapjacks (these are out of a book I have and are made with honey instead) and I love them but I have a feeling that the oats are making me worse lately so I have bought gluten free and organic oats so will give those a try.

I hope this helps and best of luck and I know it's hard when you enjoy a good diet as I also had a Colonoscopy and felt so much better with the 'unhealthy' food.


Try black seed oil capsules it will sort out the gas


Have you been tested for lactose or wheat intolerance? Could be the cause perhaps.

You can be tested for lactose intolerance and gluten (mainly in wheat and some other things) by doctors blood tests. You can try cutting these things out and keeping a food diary of effects - this is very helpful,

If you are having the tests you need to keep eating them until you are tested.


Hey alice

It turns out i"m intolerant to wheat containing products felt much better without them thank you


Wow that's great - it is good to get some positive feedback about what helps people and I am really glad that you are feeling much better - thanks for letting us know.

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ALso check out tmau. Low choline diets. If smells are caused particularly by meat and seafood and sea fish products.


Fibre is an IBS nightmare, as is lactose. Try the FoodMaestro app and it will help you eliminate the FODMAP s from your diet , oats etc are 😣

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Hey lunnetod

Thank you for mentioning the fodmap diet , you and others provided me with a solution to my problem

Have a nice day mate


It's a start, good luck


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