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Pasta experiences


Hello... I have been looking for foods that are plain and will not irritate my stomach as it's so sensitive to... well practically everything! Sugars, citrus, probiotics, oils, barley, oats Ietc... the list goes on! 😫 I can eat white bread and crackers and yogurt and potatoes and biscuits (without barley) as well as rice cereals... but thats about it.

I've read almost everywhere that pasta is one of the plain foods that those with ibs and sensitive stomachs find ok to eat.

I was wondering what others experiences with pasta are... can you tolerate it? What kinds do you have (brand names welcome)?

Is gluten free pasta better than normal or is everyday pasta fine as I seem to fine with normal bread and biscuits (which is wheat based).

What kinds of things do you eat with pasta? Is potatoes ok or is that strange?

How much pasta do you have as a serving?

Do you ever eat pasta out? Where has the best?

Know it sounds like a lot of questions... just really wondering ☺ thanks to all 🙂

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Also what are peoples experiences with rice and what brands do you use because there are so many different rices im not sure whats best?

Thank you

Al1944 in reply to Memimck1

Wild rice is the best Low in Carbs

Hi mem I can eat rice oats,,spuds,,apples,,bananas,,cherries,,raisins,,prunes lemonade water and sports drinks pure coconut water,,ginger tea,,apple cider viniger mixed with water and honey ,, wholemeal brown warburtens bread eggs ,,hope this helps hun 😊 chrissyx

Memimck1 in reply to Chrissyx

I wanted to know pacificly about pasta and rice..

What brands do you use?

How much do you have and what with?

Is there any great places to eat it out?

Hi I have been on a low Carb diet being pre diabetic and this has helped my IBS problems No bread no cakes sweets desserts but plenty of protein and good fats I was never overweight but have lost 3mgs in 6 weeks

Memimck1 in reply to Al1944

I'm very underweight I'm looking for ways to gain... u was looking for pasta experinces... what brands are good. Should I uses gluten free or does it not matter for my sensitive stomach

Lulububs in reply to Memimck1

Alway gluten free!! I am underwieght to... but also gluten and dairy messes my ibs up BIGTIME. So i eat all gluten free.... no bread though makes me really ill think it yeast.

Pesto on gluten free pasta, spaghetti gluten free to.

I eat white rice , normal white rice. With beansprout and loadsa chipped up veg with gluten free soy sauce.

Carbs should never b eaten together ie no pasta bread and potatoes should b served at same time ur colon will not digest it all. No cakes aless gluten free . U can even get gluten dairy free chocolate , cereal, yoghurts, milk( soy or almond) biscuits, everything


Brands of rice - Tesco Basmati is quite light when cooked and doesn't clump. As for quantity probably less is more (quarter of a cup).

Pasta - Tesco again - Pasta spirals - cook for as long as instruction (twelve minutes) No more. Allow to cool a bit. This makes it more digestible.

Gluten free is unlikely to be necessary unless you have been diagnosed as gluten intolerant.

I'm assuming you live in the U.K.

Best wishes,

Memimck1 in reply to Amabile

Thank you so much this is perfect information...

Does pasta or rice ever irritate your digestive system?

Thank you

Amabile in reply to Memimck1


Plain white rice never upsets me. I sometimes take only that when my digestion is very upset. I believe one can survive practically exclusively on it as some POWs did when held in Japanese camps.

Pasta's O.K. during no flare up but I would avoid during episodes of bloating.

I find it's best not to avoid eating altogether even during a flare up as the gut still needs something to work on.

Take care.

Memimck1 in reply to Amabile

Thank you.. so rice is a good food for sensitive stomach? What brands do you use like what kind long rice, basetti rice?

What kinds of things do you add to it


leslyp in reply to Memimck1

Both pasta and rice give me problems, but they can be ok in very small amounts , round about one ounce / 30g ish - but I tend to avoid now as it can be painful and uncomfortable if I get greedy and eat a little too much. Ps I stay clear of any whole grain rices etc as they just set my IBS off big time .

Memimck1 in reply to leslyp

Oh that's not good you can't tolerate them... I'm able to tolerate rice krispies and things like bread etc.. so think I might be ok with them??

It's a minefield trying to find things that don't set off a flare up :(

Even though you’re not gluten intolerant, I would maybe try the gluten free pasta as it’ll probably sit lighter in your stomach. You could always start with standard pasta and switch if you find you’re having any issues.

I liked Sainsbury’s gluten free pasta range when I was in the UK. I don’t know if they sell it in the UK, but in the US I like the brand Schar.

Rice, I like Uncle Bens in the UK and in the US I eat the Wholefoods brand.

If you wanted to eat potatoes with pasta, you could try gnocchi and make a tomato sauce for the top.

I also like tinned tuna and cucumber with pasta. Topped with a little cheddar if dairy is Ok for you (unfortunately I’m no longer eating it).

Pasta serving - I think recommended is one cooked cup. I usually do one UNcooked cup though and find this is Ok for me. (So slightly more).

I used to eat pasta out and about occasionally, but now I’m strictly gluten free I don’t usually bother tbh!

Hope this helps.

Memimck1 in reply to Haylesss

Thank you so much this information is great just what I was looking for... guess I'll try normal and if struggle then will go gluten free just wanted to be able to eat something normally and when out so thought as I can stomach normal bread then wouldn't need gluten free pasta but your right it would be easier on stomach.

However I can't stand tuna 😝

Shame you can no longer have dairy :( thank you for all your help

Haylesss in reply to Memimck1

Haha, tuna is definitely a love or hate it food. My husband hates when I cook with it!

You could try some grilled chicken instead in a tomato sauce, or if you’re Ok with dairy, you could make a little mac and cheese and serve with some vegetables.

Have a little google online for gut-friendly pasta dishes, I’m sure there’s loads out there.

Good luck!

Shele121 in reply to Haylesss

I agree. Not be diagnosed is gluten intolerant but find avoiding dairy, gluten, wheat, garlic, onions and mushrooms really helps

if you can tolerate white bread I should think any kind of pasta would be fine. How about something like spagetti carbonara - which is basically pasta and bacon and egg?

Hi Memi,

Pasta has gluten. I have IBS c and I find when I give up gluten, including pasta, I feel better. It is so hard though. :( I ate a hamburger yesterday and am still suffering from it. I wish I could stay consistent but I just really want to eat like a normal person sometimes. My goal is to get back on track and really get serious in 2018 by going on xifaxin etc. Its so hard

Memimck1 in reply to cherylpv

I know exactly what you mean everyday I wish I could eat like a normal person... my diet is so limited and even then I get so sick take today for example eaten the exact same as yesturdsy but today feeling so unwell and like I'm going to be sick all the time :(

Hope you get better good luck


Its a minefield isnt it... pasta is generally okish, i eat gluten free everything as if i eat normal pasta im literally so bloated after i look pregnant and it hurts for days after whereas if eat gluten free il b ok. Any supermarket free from aisle does pasta, spaghetti anything.

I generally put a pesto over it ...

with a bit of bacon if u can eat it.

I never eat anything with yeast as it bloats me and makes me feel sick. No gluten no dairy. It really doesnt make any difference i can get all food i need in the free from.

I do not eat bread FULLSTOP. Be it gluten free or not as it full of yeast.

I eat loads of veg and meat and gluten free sausages ( morrisons bloody lovely)

Never eat carbs with carbs ie bread and pasta or potatoe it carb loading ur poor colon wont digest = bellyache!!!

What about peas and carrots... does anyone have issues with these??

Chrissyx in reply to Memimck1

Hi mem definitely not peas they give you wind and make you bloated carrots are good and parsnips are ok too chrissyx

leslyp in reply to Memimck1

Keep of the peas ! I found any peas ,beans etc not good, small amount of runner or French bean is ok but then I can not eat anything from the cabbage family either. Carrots are great , parsnips ok but not swede or turnip. Do not even look at mushrooms , onion or. Garlic . Saying that we are all different and our tolerance levels differ also ,so it is down to trial and error in a lot of things .

Hidden in reply to leslyp

Your reply was very interesting, that is exactly what I can and can't eat in the veggie line..

Have you tried Kombucha tea, or Kefir? They have probiotic s and enzymes which aid digestion. I feel like ive recovered from IBS now after around 20 years. I try to eat root veg rather than above ground veg. Recently been eating a very low carb diet along with my diabetic husband as the things I was making for him I enjoyed and found very easy.on the digestion. I havent had pasta for months, homemade bread (soaked flour method) works for me with seeds and grains. Hope this helps.

Hi. I have gluten free pasta find it dosnt sit so heavy , as said above from any free from isle, Morrisons is best I found , I also poor boiled water on it after to get all the yuk off lol, have pesto on or a bit of dolmio stir in , with veg and lacto free cheese on top,

Rice I eat a lot of lol it’s my go to if feeling unwell . I prefer basmati and buy uncle bens or tilda 2 min microwave rice , also have a rice cooker and use Tesco easy cook for that

Have no problem with pasta at all. I never eat too much if it at once or rice though as know it can cause bloating as fills you up fast. I actually started to have spaghetti now I seem to tolerate that much better. Id say experiment a bit. Small portions and different types. The only thing I can eat in big portions is potatoes like chips or baked potatoes I find. They are carbs just no gluten so it makes sense I guess.

Im really confused about calories in pasta... is it more calories when cooked? This is my pack

I'm so confused so when I weigh 100g of uncooked pasta... when it's cooked it will be 361 calories? Help!

My partner seems allergic to eggs so pasta does not agree with him

Hasn't tried gluten free. But he gets real bad with pasta.

Lulububs in reply to Rosiepie123

Gluten free pasta

Is fantastic dont get any bloating or feel sick after. It so light

Yes i can tolerate much the same as you. Crackers, white bread, crisps - just not yoghurt. Anything without fibre. I eat a lot of white rice, either long grain or basmati, but pasta is not great. Have it very occasionally, but if you can get rice pasta then that is a good alternative. I dont like pasta made with corn. Also gnocchi is good alternative, eat like pasta with a sauce and little cheese.

Memimck1 in reply to casares8

Is horrible not being able to eat much isn't it? I hate it... couldn't imagine bot being able to tolerate yogurt it's like my go to food. Light and easy.

Think ill try rice pasta then instead might be easier on my stomach...

Is there any vegetables you find easy to have

casares8 in reply to Memimck1

Carrots, potatoes. sweet potato, courgette, tomato mainly

Try stopping GLUTEN and dairy for min 2 months and only eat. Cooked veggies, no tomorrow's, no raw veggies or food. No oily fish. Chicken yes. Basically baby diet. I cured myself doing it and feel fantastic. No diarrhea no acute runs to the toilet, more energy. Eating mostly quinoa, cod, fish, feta cheese, rice, sweet potatoes and even drinking wine 🍷. Best if luck but if you want more info let me know. Or ask your GP to give you the gastro problem diet. X

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