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Help with foods!!!!!! Pittabread/wraps/rice/potato/crisp/spreads etc!!!!!!

This is for al those who can tolerate bread and wheat products... are pitta breads and wraps ok to eat too or is there other ingredients involved that can be irritating??

If so what brands are best

Also does anyone think I could eat rice with potato... I can tolerate jacket potatoes and need something really bland to go with it and was thinking rice?

Any other super bland and super easy on stomach foods of any kind, bread biscuit sauce spreads anything that can be tolerated would be really appreciated. Also specific brands are helpful thanks.

I know we're all different but just want experiences. Thank you

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Yeast is normally worse than wheat for alot. Then there is alot of other fillers etc that goes in them breads etc

When a bread is gluten free its normally made with even worse ingredients from soya, fillers etc. Alot use potatoe starch etc to.

I wouldn't eat rice with potato. We all need a balanced diet. A mix of Veg, healthy fats, complex carbs etc, healthy proteins.

Processed goods like sauces, breads, biscuits, spreads Etc are not good for anyone. Let alone someone who has ibs symptoms.

Have you asked your gp for a dietitan ? Or have you considered seeing a nutritionist ?

Its best to eat whole foods.

Can you not eat veg, turkey with jacket potato ?

Or jacket with tuna and broccoli. Or chicken and veg etc ?


Can you advise me on biscuits... what do you know about ones that contain palm oil???


Yes i am like you, can tolerate plain white products, nothing with fibre. If you can have less yeast. thats good too so wraps are usually better than pitta, need to check ingrediants though. The best crackers are Rakusens matzos are these are unleavened. I live on these sometimes with clear soups. The best thing i have with rice is a piece of salmon or plain chicken. Rice and potato would be too stodgy. Or pour chicken soup on the rice.

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What kind of soups and brands do you have I always worry about soup because of added like flavourings with garlic and onions.


Yes its not easy to get completely clear of everything, just have to do as well as u can. I live abroad so difficult to recommend brands, but i used to get fresh chicken broth in supermarkets before, or baxters cock a leekie, and strain out any bits u dont want. Also some cup of soups, chicken noodle and strain some of the noodles out. Check ones with less additives. Also low cal ones usually better as less thick.


How are you with biscuits... do you avoid ones with palm oil in or are they ok... I'm not sure if palm oil is tolerated well or not. I want to try these certain biscuits but they say palm oil in there ingredients... do you think one a day would be fine


As you said, this is a bit of a tricky one as everyone is so different!

If I'm having wheat, I tend to stick with good quality sourdough (sorry not the supermarket ones!) as it's a) fermented and b) has less added yeast (or only natural sourdough). When my stomach is playing up I also tend to go with white basmati rice - but not together with potatoes as for me that feels very heavy.

If you're eating wraps definitely look for ones without too many added ingredients.

I also agree with little_toad - it's really important to have colour in your diet! Personally I find cooked carrots, courgettes and spinach are easiest on my stomach (but this is just for my body!). And I add lots of extra virgin olive oil. Oh and ginger.

Carrot and ginger soup is one of my fallback dishes. And if you want onion flavour without using onions, buy a packet of the Indian spice asafoetida as it tastes like onion (1/2 to 1 tspn is normally enough). If you can make soup from scratch at all that's much better as you know what's in it and you won't have any funny additives.

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Do you know whether ingredients of palm oil and maize flour is ok for ibs or generally not? Thanks 😊


Again it's kind of personal! I tend to avoid palm oil for sustainability reasons. I love the taste of extra virgin olive oil which is why I use it, but I also know if I have too much rich/fatty/oily food it doesn't agree with my stomach. I personally am okay with a bit of maize (I try and get a variety of different grains in). It's always best to just try a little for yourself and see how you are.

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What do you think about biscuits containing palm oil could that be irritating potentially?

I've heard lots of people using virgin olive oil in cooking

I know it's best to try I'm just scared 😔


I totally understand! When I was at my worst everything seemed to affect me, but a few years down the line it's SO much easier and I'm able to eat a much wider range of foods. Palm oil is often used as a cheaper substitute for good fats, so it might be an indicator that the biscuits aren't great quality (though there are some organic oat biscuits that use sustainable palm oil).

I think if you're focussing on whole foods over very processed foods and keeping things simple that's a really good start. Have you been referred to a dietition or qualified nutritionist as this could help as they can give you proper personalised advice?

Aside from the food side of things, it's really important to look after your stress levels as this is a big trigger for me (and when you're worried about food it's definitely stressful!). I've found meditation has helped me a lot and gentle exercise.


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