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Hiya I’ve had two and was both fine you can ask them to give you a diazepam injection that doesn’t fully put you out but makes you feel relaxed and a little drunk x I’m really nervous if you explain that you need more than the throat spray before you go in preparation they will arrange it for you and it’s so quick the whole process and they usually give you result on the day x you will be fine I promise good luck x

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I settled on the gas and air, despite the nurse booking me in saying I should have something stronger as I had a history of abdominal surgery. As I didn't really fancy waiting at the hospital until somebody could collect me, or to have to pay for a taxi, I am a skinflint(!) I said I would stick with the gas and air.

As it turned out I only needed it for a couple of minutes, and that was only the second time I had to lie on my back. My bowel is a tad twisted apparently, hence all the shuffling around. One of the ladies mentioned it was what mums to be were given, and did I want a girl or boy - I settled on a girl, I've had more than enough of boys.

I was allowed home as soon as I'd had my tea and toast. It was the day of the cycle race, so no bus service into town, so I walked it. It was a lovely warm spring day, not hot and horrid as it has been this week. The lady doing the colonoscopy told me she had never seen such a healthy bowel, not even a sniff of a polyp, much less anything else. She did take samples just to make sure though, well better to be safe than sorry.

I would do the same again should the need arise, though next time I will try and make it when there isn't a cycle race!

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