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Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy today

Hi folks,

Thanks to those that replied to my Newbie post. I had both my procedures today, the Gastroscopy was clear however as expected the Colonoscopy found patches of diverticula in the Distal descending colon (explains left side pain). The report also said that they took 14 biopsies in 2 areas on the right hand said but I don't know why.

Everyone is right, the prep isn't pleasant and I only managed 3 and a half sachets of Klean-Prep. The Gastroscopy was fine but I found the Colonoscopy quite painful despite the sedation and pain relief. Apparently it was down to my curvy anatomy.

I've now got to wait on biopsy results and seeing the consultant for a follow up.

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Is the pain caused by the

Divercla? What medication / diet is suitable?. I also have dreadful left hand bowl pain , I'm awaiting a colonoscopy

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Hi Tamzin,

I'm assuming so my pain is all down my left side where they found the diverticulitis scattered. I don't know any more at the moment as the doctor didn't speak to me afterwards, I was just handed a report.

I did some googling last night and everyone seems to have triggers to different things but you're probably better asking the doctor if that's what you have. Best of luck x


I'm pleased for you that those 2 procedures are over now.

After your colonoscopy, do keep an eye on any pains you get in your body, especially legs and thighs. These could be due to trapped gas in the colon. They pump CO2 into the colon which expands it a bit, so they can better see what they are doing. Most people dont have a problem absorbing this in the body, but for those that do, it can be excruciating, as I found out for myself last week. It was so bad, I thought I was having a DVT 9deep vein thrombosis), and its still ongoing. If you do have this problem, try to find easy ways to expel the wind, and don't be embarrassed about it. I also found the colonoscopy very painful in spite of pain relief and gas and air.

I hope the follow up goes well.

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Thanks for the advice. I did have horrendous pain directly after but I was advised to 'let it out' which helped. I think it was the nurse telling me that if I didn't shift it myself they'd put me up on all 4's and help it out. Eh...No you won't lol!!

I'm a little tender in parts but feeling pretty good today, it's the best sleep I've had in years. I have to agree with you that my procedure was quite painful despite the sedation and pain relief and I remember crying out in pain a few times :(


Try sipping hot water with a bit of sugar that works for me good luck denn41


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