Colonoscopy and endoscopy

Hi all, am going for the above tests next week, I have had them before but over 7 years ago, I wondered if anyone had one very recently or is due to have one on the same time period as I am getting very anxious and seem to recall the bowel prep was the worst part of it? Also how much sedation do you/have you had as I was asked by consultant to decide!

any advice or support would be much appreciated!


Lucy x

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  • I had and OGD today, didn't need bowel prep of course and I didn't have any sedation, just throat spray. It wasn't pleasant but there's no pain and it wouldn't worry me to have another one.

  • Please be sure you absolutely need them, and that all other avenues such as colonography, (non invasive version) CT/MRI, capsule endoscopy (swallowing a camera pill) etc have been explored. Even with maximum sedation and pain relief I was aware of everything and it was excruciating and very distressing-they took 11 biopsies and I was screaming in agony. The bowel prep I reacted very badly to and ended up in A&E-I knew I would react but was basically told not to be so silly, as if they knew my body better than I did! The OGD was not much better, it is very hard to breathe during it and there is no way of communicating this to them, which is terrifying. I would never have another one and never ever recommend anyone having one unless life-threatening conditions are suspected and there are no other options. Please be very careful, I would not wish what I experience to happen to anyone else. I do not think the risks are fully explained, nor an individuals condition/symptoms taken into consideration.

  • Something very wrong with the procedures if you had all these problems.

  • I disagree my mother and i have both had these. My mother has had so many colon i cant count and the pain from this procedure is terrible she has to be put to sleep . My last time i was crying and shaking and would not have it done again without being put to sleep either. This is not meant to scare just to prepare.

  • Everyone reacts differently that is what was not taken into consideration. Because the nurses/doctors do so many each day they forget that not everywhere can tolerate the bowel prep, or that the same amount of sedation will send some people drifting off pleasantly and do nothing at all for others! If I had been listened to, I could have saved myself a lot of distress and pain (and I lost my job as a result of the time off I had to take to recover from the colonoscopy which included a stay in hospital) and the NHS a lot of money in ambulances and emergency admissions. All because I was treated as a name and number and not a human being who knows my own body and how it reacts!

  • Hi LucyKris

    I have had 2 colonoscopies and a sigmoidoscopy , please try not to worry , easier said than done I know , the bowel prep was the worst for me, in and out of the loo and tummy rumbles. So Gald when I got to the hospital and near a loo. I only had slight sedation and I am sorry but I can't remember what it was called , but it was put in the back of my hand . The procedure was slightly uncomfortable but not painfully , the staff were great , and I have to say it was most uncomfortable trying to hold the wind in afterwards, the Nurse said I couldn't go home until I (I let it all out) her words , so in the loo and my god , I say no more home I went. I did feel a bit uncomfortable for the next day but nothing a few painkillers couldn't sort out. I am sure it will all go well. Take care x

  • Hi,please don't be put of by the scare stories(you had one 7yrs ago so have some idea)I have also had 2 colonoscopys the first one you are correct the bowel preb was awful and had a job to drink it but with the second I used a straw and put it as far back of my throat as possible and couldn't taste it then, so try that,I didn't have sedation the first time but had it the second, you are still awake(well I was)but a little more friend had endoscopy she was terrified,I dont know if it was sedation or spray she had but she said she didn't know it had been done and wouldn't be bothererd about having it again,hope this helps and good luck with your results,x

  • If you are worried, have as much sedation as they offer. Its no good being all stressed as you tense and it makes it more difficult. I found the endoscopy simple, and quickly over. colonscopy was another matter. The preparation was difficult, the liquid tasted awful. I think the straw idea brilliant. Stay near a loo whatever you do! And take sedation, I found the colonscopy very difficult and painful, but nurses were wonderful. And don't be "a brave soldier", yell if it hurts, let them know, its your body they are invading. And good luck, I hope the news afterwards is good/helpful.

  • I just had a colonoscopy a few months ago, prep is never fun, no pain but did watch the complete BBC version of Pride and Prejudice on the iPad between trips to the bathroom! A long night, test was done with twilight state sedation, to me it was a welcome nap, felt or heard nothing until my doctor was telling me everything went well. Good luck, don't stress, for me the prep was a lot more difficult (and longer) than the test itself!

  • I had one a few months ago and as you say the worst part is the drinking. What I did was to make up one sachet and I drank one glass with a little lime added very quickly followed by black tea or water. As mine was at lunch time I just gor ready for bed wore a nightdress as my girlfriend had had one and advised this. Just kept doing this till it was finished. When I got to hospital - I went to Jubilee in Glasgow - they gave me some sedation in back of hand. I felt absolutely nothing although I was wide awake and watched it all on the screen. I didn't get any biopsies taken so cannot comment on that part. When it was all over I was taken into side ward where I just lay and the nurse said I would get tea and a sandwich after about 30 mins. Best ever I might add. I still did not sleep abdomin after another short time the nurse said I could get up and dressed. Did that and was then driven home - that's when I fell asleep. I can honestly say it was a doddle. Don't know about the other one but please do not be worried about the colonoscopy - the more relaxed you are the better.

    PS remember to take your pants off as I walked into the theatre and decided I would go to loo one last time to discover I still had them on. Lolxxxx

    Good luck Jackie

  • Sorry don't know how abdomin came in after sleep.???????

  • Hi Lucy

    I have had a few colonoscopies, sigmoidoscopy and gastroscopy. Although unpleasant and uncomfortable I have never experienced pain. Agree the prep is the worse part of the procedure but fine if you are at home for the duration. I had sedation for all of them. Sometimes I remember the procedure and watched on the screen but others I don't so maybe a stronger sedative was given. I had biopsies taken and didn't experience any pain. I think it is extremely rare for someone to be in so much pain during this. I know many people who have had these procedures and all have said unpleasant but not as bad as imagined. Was your last experience a bad one or is just the prep that you are anxious of?

  • I had my tests 2 years ago.

    For 3 days before I had to have a very plain diet, white bread, marmalade with no peel, chicken, boiled potatoes, cornflakes.

    I had Moviprep the day before starting at 3 in the afternoon - I sat on the toilet within 1 hour for about half an hour - by the end of the day I was cleared out.

    I did feel discomfort but had had a light sedative beforehand

    The endoscopy and colonoscopy were the only tests I had - nothing non-invasive was offered and I didn't know there were any other tests available. But from the colonoscopy there was nothing to be seen and so was given the diagnosis of IBS

  • I had my colonoscopy fairly recently. It was fine - not uncomfortable at all. I had a bit of sedation (don't know how much though - i was quite compus mentus! Bowel prep wasn't very pleasant - kept running to the loo! and the drink tasted horrid.

    Try not to be too concerned - they do this day in day out!

  • I have had 2 Colonoscopy's felt no pain but have been unwell since the 2nd October 2013 it's taken over my life pain & discomfort 24/7 nobody can explain why this happened and don't know how to fix it wish I had never had it done! Has anyone else had the same problem? Nightmare!

  • I have had the exact same problem meerkat 1971. I had a colonoscopy on the 4th Jan 2012, was in pain during and after and have gone from bad to worse ever since. I have lost three Stone in total, haven't eaten properly since and constantly vomiting and now on morphine, another cd drug and in and out of hospital to manage pain and other things that have come as a consequence of this. I was off sick from work for a year and when went back can only work 12 hours because I am in constant pain and no energy due to not eating and constantly vomiting. I totally understand where you are coming from and the frustration of it all. I hope they manage to sort it for you. Can I ask was this done in the north west? Best of luck x

  • Sorry LucyKris I hope my post doesn't worry you I just wanted to respond to someone who struggled like me. It doesn't always happen, as I have had two previous gastrocopies and three colonoscopies and never had this experience. I hope for the best for you and it all goes well and they are able to get to the bottom of your problems x

  • Please don't worry shbowker think it is important everyone talks about their experiences, I really hope you get to the bottom of why this is happening to you soon x

  • I would like to thank you all for,your replies it is much appreciated, and am sorry to hear about those of you that have had issues during or after, you do not read anything about after effects on info leaflets which is a concern, the pain of my ibs really affects my life and is pretty much constant, they found polyps last time and as 7 years have gone bu and pain has got worse they feel it is time to do tests again, I feel more anxious this time I guess because I know what is coming!! Best wishes to you all , Lucy x

  • Thanks for ur reply nobody believes me they think its a joke how can someone be in pain 24/7 following a straightforward procedure, don't they think that's what I have been asking myself for 14months. Prior to this we had been trying for a family this has had a huge impact on my life when I try to go out end up coming home in tears friends don't understand how something can go on so long with no diagnosis or explanation. My original Gastro doc who I have seen since said the 2nd colonoscopy was completely unnecessary and the doc should have never proposed/carried it out should have looked at other tests.

    So now where do we go from here I don't know! Sorry don't mean to alarm anybody I xm just in the small minority! Good luck to u all.

  • Hi,Lucy

    My IBS-d,was so bad that when I used the prep,it wasnt anywhere near as bad as my usual day!

    I had gas and air and didnt find it much help at all. I think,if there is a next time,Ill take the general and just be conked out.

    Best thing is to just go for it,get it over with,and move on.

    Are u having both scopes done on the same day?

    Elaine xx

  • Hi Elaine, yes I am as I did last time, definately going to have. Good dose of sedative this time as do remember quite a bit of pain last time, as you say best to go for it and move on!!! X

  • surely whether you experience pain and the extent of it depends on the condition of your bowel. I found the process excrutiating though generally have a high pain threshold. Consutant said this was because my bowel was very muscular - whatever that means. As regards the prep I would prefer to pay for a colonic -

  • Just a note on the prep. I took colyte for mine - they told me it tasted better if I drank it cold. Only problem is drinking liter upon liter of ice cold laxatives makes you very chilly. The best advice I got from a colleague was to just set up for a couple of hours in the washroom, let the laxative do it's thing, and hop in the hot shower if you get the chills.

  • Hi all, as you were all so kind to support me thought I would let everyone know how it went, fine to be honest! As suspected the moviprep was the worst so much liquid to drink and makes you feel quite sick, but got through it! Has half dose of sedation, the endoscopy was very easy hardly noticed anything, the colonoscopy took longer as was a bit painful going round the corners but all in all bearable! I have been told I have stomach lesions due to too much acid so have been prescribed omaprozole, does anyone else take this?

    Thanks Lucy

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