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3 Day Diarrhea


For the past three days ive had diarrhea and everything i eat seems to come back out, not straight away but a few hours later. Im litually on the toilet for a good few minutes with a pretty constant flow of diarrhea :( sorry for details.

Lastnight i was in agony with pain which i instantly put down to trapped wind, i tried all kinds and even had a diarrhea episode inbetween. I fall asleep eventually but now im awake i have very sensitive and sore intestines and still diarrhea.

Im unsure if ive had a bit of a bug thats played alongside my IBS.

Anyone else experienced this? I am drained and just want to feel less alone and normal.

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Im still going.....reaching 5 days. People laugh when i say i just want a normal poo!

sweetsusie in reply to CSmidge

I had chronic diarrhea for years and finally found a doctor who prescribed a medication called "Welchol" for me. It's very expensive, though, so he's switched me to another one called: "Colestipol." They both are miracle drugs...stopped my diarrhea in it's tracks. I finally feel free. Hopefully, your diarrhea is not going to last much longer, but if it does, you might want to see if your doctor will prescribe. These drugs are also used to lower cholesterol (but not very well unless they're used with a statin), and type II diabetes. No worries.....I don't have type II diabetes and am doing fine on them. I can totally relate to how awful this makes you feel and I hope you get better soon.

CSmidge in reply to sweetsusie

Its horrible!! Now they are not the best smelling poos either but i think its improving.

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