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Hi, thank you for reading my post i was wondering if anyone could help. I have had ibs for about 35 years had all the tests done !! I'm very thin :-( & cut out alot of foods that i know make my symptoms worse & trying to put weight on. could anyone let me know if they have tryed VISALUS BODY BY Vi shake drink ?I know people take it through out the day instead of food to loose weight !! BUT a friend recomended i try taking it between meals as they heard of a person doing this & gaining weight. It is LACTOSE & GLUTEN FREE & LOW IN SUGAR shake. I do not want to take this shake if it could make my symptoms worse again. Or does anyone know of any other weight gain i could take ? MANY THANKS

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only FODMAPs works for me. I don't trust any shake


Hi Jasslim,

Sorry, but can't answer your question about the shake drink as I've never investigated these. However, I did have a problem with weight loss after I started doing elimination diets to try and get a grip on my IBS (eventually found FODMAPs which works for me as well as PatV above). I can't eat any grains and bulk up my diet with corn tortillas, corn crackers and potatoes (which should always be eaten hot). By doing that, my weight is now at a good level and quite easy to maintain.



Rice, gluten free bread and oats based meals are my mainstay and I am overweight and trying to lose it! So maybe more of these would help increase weight. Just started on Fodmaps done first week and it seemed to work and included many of the foods I had ruled out. I am now trying adding on various things one at a time but melon was a disaster so back to trying again. Good luck with your weight.



I've been doing FODMAPs for 9 months now and have found that several foods on the 'safe' list aren't safe at all for me - and that includes all varieties of melon. I would say though, that when I first started on the diet, I was told to stick to it rigidly (with further omissions if necessary) for 6 weeks in order to clear my system completely and let any inflammation etc die down. It may well be that you've started adding things back in a bit too quickly. Gotta walk before you can run, y'know!


According to the Fodmaps guide melon is OK SO ALTHOUGH I say added in is still a green traffic light food but one I thought I couldn't eat so just testing to see if what I thought was correct. I have got my answer


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